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About Boom Cards

Create interactive quizzes and browse its store of those created by other teachers before setting them for your class using this app.  

Teacher Review

Sometimes, teachers want to create a specific quiz resource. Other times, teachers just want to get a premade resource that is useful for the students but does not take away any more of their precious free time in the creation of it. Boom Cards offers a solution to both needs. It is a lesson creation service and a marketplace for obtaining premade ones.

To be clear, Boom Cards is not just an app it is a service. You will need to sign up for an account and use this to administer and create your activities as well as sign up your students to it.

The website is where you will do the creation of your resources as well as purchase the pre-made ones. Let's take the creation first.

Each activity is called a deck as it is essentially a series of cards with a mechanism to set a simple multiple-choice or fill in the gaps interaction. The multiple-choice style of questions can be further varied by using images and more than one correct answer. Helpfully, first-time users are given a template app that also guides you through the process. On the whole, if you have ever created a presentation in other software, you will be fine with this.

Each slide has its questions and answers set. You can choose graphics and fonts to suit the subject and add visual interest or images to support the learning.  

If you don't want to reinvent the wheel you can select a pre-made deck. There are many already created by other teachers. Some are free and some need you to spend points to get.  The points are purchased with real money. The premium ones especially have had a level of design and care taken over them that you may not have the time to replicate.

From within the website or the app, logged into your account, you can create classes and allocate students to them.  These classes can then be set the activities and you can see the level of engagement and performance each child has put into the assignment. Obviously, some familiarisation time will be needed to use the Boom Cards service fluently but it is clear and easy to learn.  

The cards and decks do their job of providing quizzes well.  Each question is a single card but, in play, the potential responses are jumbled up. Players cannot just remember the positions of correct answers on subsequent play-throughs. There is no randomisation option for the question contents, though, such as variables on maths questions. If you want twenty questions, you must create twenty cards.  

The marketplace within the app is an interesting idea and could certainly be a lifesaver when you need a lesson to be sorted out quickly. You can even create your own resources to go into the marketplace and earn some extra cash from doing so. It is a little frustrating that you cannot purchase new decks within the app and have to use the website - no doubt a result of App Store policy rather than a shortcoming of the developer's making, though.

It is easy to try this service out for yourself. The free subscription tier lets you try out the features and the free decks are varied enough to assess their overall effectiveness. It may be all that interested parents ever need.  Teachers will need to subscribe to reach the number of children that they are likely to be responsible for and also to keep their presentations private. It is well worth investigating this app and seeing how it can fit into your teaching style.

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Boom Cards by Boom Learning are no prep, digital interactive teaching resources. With click-and-done ease, teachers and parents save time and kids have fun. Boom Cards is Educational App Store Certified, receiving a 5 Star rating.

“There are so many things that I love about Boom Cards, but I especially love the high student-engagement factor and self-checking cards.” Author and teacher Becky Clark of Teacher Features. “They enjoy the instant feedback they get and know right away if they are ‘getting it.’ The good news is my students can easily complete deck after deck, at their own learning pace and not need me to set it up, make copies, replenish materials and waste precious learning time.”

Teachers and parents choose from a wide selection of teacher created learning resources for K-12 from teacher-authors they know and love from the printables markets. Or, they can DIY resources. “From the creators point of view, it’s really easy to put together decks, and the tools seem intuitive. But at the same time there is enough room for us to be as creative as we want to be with the decks.” Teacher and author Rebekah Bullen of LittleStreams.

Shop in a browser at Boom Learning for learning resources. Play them on your Apple and Android devices and on the web.

With the Boom Cards app you can

• Manage your Boom Learning classroom: set assignments and review student performance.

• Students can complete assignments on any device: at home, at school, or on the go. 

• Students can save Boom Cards to a personal notebook to review again later or ask for help.

The Boom Cards app automatically synchronizes with your Boom Learning classroom.

Boom Cards by Boom Learning is brought to you by the same team who created Mathtopia+ a 2013 Editor's Choice Award winner.

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