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About BoldVoice: Learn Pronunciation

BOLDVOICE is an amazing app that aims to help learners improve their American accent by focusing on a number of different areas of the English language which being trained by some of the top vocal coaches in America. The app allows users to practice and train, alongside the coaches, on the pronunciation of sounds, words and sentences. The app allows you to hear how these aspects are spoken and then gives you the chance and opportunity to record your own voice saying the same things. The app then automatically gives you feedback, telling you where you are doing well but also on what areas you need to work on before suggesting how to go about that using the app.

The developer suggests using this app for around 10 minutes a day to really make a difference with your accent and speech of the English language, however, I’ve now used this app quite a bit, dipping in and out and each time I’ve found myself being taken on a complete tour around lots of different aspects, helping me to progress through the learning. Each time I certainly spent a lot longer than 10 minutes without even realising it. I think this is because of so many aspects but one of these is the professional nature and look of the app which is of an extremely high level. I could probably write an incredibly long review on this app and still not do it justice as there is just so much.

It's not just the design of the app that is incredible but the way it learns from the content you add to the app, by completing assessments etc throughout. The app curates the learning for you, personalising the learning it suggests for you based on how well you are doing. The tracking tool also allows you to clearly see how well you are doing as you progress through the app, again allowing for you to personalise any learning to aid with how well you are accessing and progressing with your own learning.

The learning in the app seems to be never ending. You are able to select certain learning elements such as mastering fricative consonants, public speaking or rhythm and intonation and there are even advanced skills to learn as you progress through the app, including things such as suprasegmental and advanced consonants.

The app is aimed at those advanced English language speakers who want to elevate their language abilities to become more confident and to learn the American accent in a professional, supported way whilst being guided by some of the best vocal coaches in the business.

BoldVoice: Learn Pronunciation Review

What is BOLDVOICE app?

BOLDVOICE is an app whose aim is to help English languages speakers become more confident in their speech and in particular their American accent. Guided by some of the top vocal coaches in the business the app helps the user work their way through large amount of learning in the app which is broken down smartly into key vocab and vocal elements. With intuitive personalisation and adaptive learning the app does everything it can to help users master all the elements within the app.

What we love about BoldVoice

There are a number of really excellent aspects within the app that I loved as I used it. Firstly the content top, the way it breaks down all the aspects of learning is very smart, allowing the user to not get too ‘bogged down’ in the elements but to understand them and progress them. However, for me the professional look and design of the app alongside the personalisation abilities really set this app apart, and that’s even mentioning the quality of the coaches that guide you through it!

What skills does it improve?

The main area that BOLDVOICE website and app improves is users’ access and the ability with the English language and the American accent. This isn’t really an app for someone just learning the English language (though there are some aspects that would work really well for an EAL learning) but more for someone who already speaks the language but wants to really extend their abilities to a master level.

What age is it website and appropriate for?

BOLDVOICE app, I would suggest is aimed at more of the upper end of scale as users will need to be fluent in English for this app to help them advance into mastering it. The developers suggest that this app could also help older students study for standardised tests alongside helping them to speak more confidently and clearly in presentations too.

Is BOLDVOICE easy to use?

For the user the app is incredibly easy to use and access.

How will students benefit?

Students will benefit from being able to access an app that will build their confidence and clarity when it comes to speaking. Whether this be in practicing for standardised tests, or planning for presentations the app aims to help users master the language and speak with a clear American accent.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers will benefit from students working their way through the learning aspect of the app as well as being able to access learning in a guided and supported way.

However, the most useful aspect for teachers is going to be the tracking elements of the app where they will able to get tabs on how well the students are learning and accessing the app and then personalise any future learning based on this.

How will parents benefit?

There are many benefits for parents too some of which will be similar to teachers’ in the way that they can personalise any learning in the app.

What BOLDVOICE can improve on?

Having spent a lot of time on this app I would be struggling to really suggest anything more that they could do outside of producing another of these apps based at the English education market!

How much does BOLDVOICE cost?

BOLDVOICE works on a subscription basis. There are a number of options available to access the content and once paid for the subscription opens up all the different elements for the user to access.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

There is not a free version

Is BOLDVOICE safe to use

BOLDVOICE website and app content is completely child-friendly and contains no content that could be considered inwebsite and appropriate or unsafe for children.

Overall rating of the app

BOLDVOICE app has received a 5 star EAS rating and this is due to the premise of the website and app and the potential learning within it

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