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Improve your child’s reading ability with this fun interactive appbook. Join Boj in his ‘Musical Mayhem’ story; play games, sing songs and interact with the characters all whilst developing your child’s reading skills. The app has received an EAS Certification of 5 Stars.

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From the Cbeebies series Boj, a collection of interactive appbooks have been created to share the experience and to engage children in reading whilst exploring the world around them. Boj- Musical Mayhem is a fun and musical appbook aimed at the younger years captivating them in the story whilst encouraging them to develop their reading skills with a read-along transcript of what the story is about. With two modes for children who are still developing their reading skills and more confident readers it is able to tailor to the different needs of young children.

The high quality graphics when first opening the app makes it visually enchanting and therefore, persuading children to pursue through the different features within the storybook. The user is provided with three sections in the form of sticky notes to which part of the app they would like to investigate. The main and key feature being the story itself where the child has the option to read by themselves or have ‘Pops’ read to them. The consistent and easy to use functionality of the app makes it conventional for the child to easily operate through the story as they simply have to slide their finger from right to left to turn to the next page.

Each part of the story has its own picture which visually portrays what is visually happening in that scene. They then have the option to touch the characters which will make them move and make sounds which can excite the child as they discover the different sounds related to emotions, instruments etc.  The interactivity feature of the app will ensure the child stays engaged and are excited to find out what happens within the next 24 pages of the story.

A script is provided within the app which will allow the child to read what is happening within the story. Depending on the option chosen this will either be displayed as a script which the child can read or a karaoke styled script where the student is encouraged to read along with the narrator improving their reading ability and in time their speed of reading, two very important traits of child development.

Throughout the story mode children are provided with small challenges which include making a guitar from household appliances, this provides a sense of involvement for the child as they feel like their contribution is positively impacting the actions within the story thus, further encouraging them to pursue throughout the story. Small challenges like these also keep the child brain to constantly interact with the app and ensure that the child in processing and retaining the information presented to them.

On the completion of the storyapp the child is able to sing along with the other characters in a karaoke styled sing a long! This is a rewarding aspect towards the end of the book and is especially something children will anticipate to come to when reusing the app.

In terms of the concise content it is possible that the structured storyline of the app will make it predictable over time and children may therefore lose interest. To overcome this, in future versions minor changes to the app could manage a retained audience who would re-engage to fix not just the guitar but a recorder or violin too!

Overall, this is a simple yet effective app for basic readers looking to enhance and develop their reading skills through an exciting and engaging process. It provides age relevant content which will suit the needs of the learner and aims to improve the skills students already obtain. With exquisite design/sound features and frequently being updated users can engage with a high quality no ad app which will benefit them in many ways.

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Boo! It's Boj!

In this interactive appbook, Boj’s buddies are all practicing the Cloppity Concerto to play at the Giggly Gig in the Park. But when Denzil breaks his guitar ('with his own bottom!'), Boj shows him that with a bit of improvisation he can play at the concert with a homemade instrument!

Read to you by Jason Donovan (Pops in the TV show) these books come alive through multiple interactions, games and even a sing-a-long section at the end so the whole family can join in.

Features include:

-From a major CBeebies animation series "Boj"
-Unique and specifically written story based on the Boj - Musical Mayhem TV episode.
-Read by Jason Donovan, (read to me feature)
-Fun games to play to help Boj build home made instruments!
-Sing-a-long section, sung by Jason Donovan, with fully featured 'Karaoke' game
-Interact with the characters and environment on every page (24 pages packed full)
-An official Boj App

NO in-app purchasing! Read with your children in confidence that this is your time, your story.

Know Whats Inside (Mums With Apps certified)

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