Body Parts By Tinytapps

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English / Literacy

Learning Outcomes

  • Body Parts By Tinytapps-1Body Parts By Tinytapps-2Body Parts By Tinytapps-3Body Parts By Tinytapps-4Body Parts By Tinytapps-5Body Parts By Tinytapps-6Body Parts By Tinytapps-7Body Parts By Tinytapps-8Body Parts By Tinytapps-9Body Parts By Tinytapps-10Body Parts By Tinytapps-11Body Parts By Tinytapps-12Body Parts By Tinytapps-13Body Parts By Tinytapps-14Body Parts By Tinytapps-15

From the Developer

Body Parts by Tinytapps introduces the human body to preschool kids. It talks about the external features a child can easily understand. A simple and easy to understand for all kids aged 2 and above.

• 10 Body Parts
• 5 Senses
• Uses of the 5 Senses

1.Head (including hair, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth)
4.Arms (including elbow and wrist)
5.Hands (including fingers)
10.Feet (including toes)

1.Simon Says: An all time favourite game which is a recognition activity.
2.Fun with Senses: is another evaluation activity in a fun way.

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