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About Boddle

Boddle is an adaptive math programme that combines practice with adorable animation and games for a fun learning experience. Students progress by answering math practice problems. Each question includes narrated audio, a sketching tool, and a video tutorial that walks you through the solution. The questions change depending on how well the students perform. Boddle is available as a web app and available on iOS and Android devices.

Screenshots of Boddle

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Boddle Review

Boddle is a math game that delivers practice and assessment based on students' needs. The age appropriate for Boddle is K-6. Boddle is the best option to enrich the maths skill of every student. The dashboard also includes a quick snapshot of each student's performance, as well as links to instructional videos and skills that students were working on, which is useful for lesson planning.

What we liked about Boddle

We've found Boddle to be an engaging and transformative educational tool that truly captivates the interest of children. The platform's library of math questions and lessons provides a comprehensive learning experience. What particularly stands out to us is the unique avatar customization feature, allowing children to create and grow with their very own bottle-headed game characters. This, combined with the fun mini-games and the promise of awesome rewards, not only heightens engagement but significantly boosts motivation during the learning process. The joy and excitement visible in the children as they navigate through these educational adventures have been remarkable, making Boddle a favored tool in our educational toolkit.

Moreover, Boddle's personalized learning approach, powered by adaptive learning technology, impresses us with its capability to tailor instruction and practice to each child's pace. This intelligent design effectively identifies and addresses learning gaps, providing us with insightful real-time reports. The curriculum, meticulously developed by experts, aligns with standards and skills trusted by schools and parents alike, ensuring reliability and effectiveness. Additionally, the dual reporting system for both parents and teachers offers invaluable insights into each learner's progress, learning gaps, and overall game usage.

Boddle Features and How it works?

Engaging Animations and Games

Students can personalise a Boddle-head and play arcade games. Variety is provided through flashy animation and gamified brain breaks, but it would be even better if they were integrated with math. There are many questions and standards to pick from, but they are all rote and do not push pupils to think critically. Questions are less frustrating when you have access to helpful assistance. Teachers get access to instructional videos as well as a dashboard that displays a live stream of student progress. There are no closed captions or language options on the videos, but there are a read-aloud option and video explainers for each question.

Curriculum Customization and Learning Paths

Teachers can customise the curriculum for a class or a single student by choosing Common Core or state standards and grade levels. Boddle finds possible learning gaps and gives a learning path after an initial test set of questions. Students can immediately begin a practice set if they are ready. Teachers can also take a more active role by generating their own assignments. The assignment dashboard allows you to incorporate questions from single or several topics, as well as assign them to the entire class or individual students. Date assignments can be used by teachers and then viewed in a calendar for easier planning.

Rewards and Personalization

After each question, students are awarded a short animation as well as points that may be used to personalise their avatar's home and clothes or to play games in the arcade. After each set of three questions, students are given the opportunity to play non-learning games.

Students will work on math while also having the opportunity to play games and be creative with their Boddle-head, making Boddle an excellent classroom incentive or reward. If you're utilising Boddle as a station activity, set a time limit rather than a number of questions as the main parameter so that kids are ready to move on to the next station/activity.

Boddle Pricing and Plans

Basic plan is available for free and allows your child to access base gameplay features, rewards, items, and educational content in Math & ELA without any cost. 

Premium plan is priced at $5.83 per month, offering all the benefits of the Basic plan plus additional features. These include the Premium Boddle Pass with 500 Boddle Bucks, more than 10 exclusive items, an increase in surprise boxes, materials, and gold, and a monthly provision of 1,200 Boddle Bucks. 

The Cons of Using Boddle

Math is not integrated into games. The method of instruction is computational rather than conceptual. However, more opportunities for deep, conceptual learning are needed. While the charming animations and 30-second game breaks encourage students to keep practising, they can also be a distraction from learning (especially because they can take as long as or longer than the question). In short, Boddle appears to be on the right track, but it needs to spend more time focusing on mathematical content and encouraging children to think while they play.

Final Verdict: Boddle Review

There are plenty of practice sets to assist students to gain fluency and create data that teachers may use for further preparation thanks to Boddle's curriculum route and teacher assessment. Questions, on the other hand, do not necessitate creative thinking and can appear formulaic. The video explainers, as well as the justifications for erroneous answers, rely heavily on algorithmic solutions rather than conceptual comprehension. This programme encourages math practice and provides helpful resources. 

App Details

  • Rating: 4
  • Devices: Android, iPad, iPhone
  • Category: Maths
  • Ages: Kindergarten Apps (3-5 Years), Primary School Apps (5-7 Years), Primary School Apps (7-11 Years),
  • Skills: Academic Relevance
  • In-App Purchases: Offers In-App Purchases
  • In-App Advertising: No
  • Publisher: Boddle Learning Inc

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