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Bo's Bedtime Story

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Bo's Bedtime Story is a great way for your child to practice how to get ready for bed each evening. Bo's 10 interactive pages walks through each step of getting ready for bed, from picking out pajamas to taking a bath and then settling down to sleep. Each page has an interactive element which reinforces an early learning skill like sorting, matching and counting. By listening carefully and comprehending what the story is asking, your child will easily be able to complete all the activities and then be ready to start their own nighttime routine. We love how this app can be used as a cool down before bedtime.

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With “Bo’s Bedtime Story” your child helps Bo the Giraffe with his bedtime routine by; 

* Cleaning up his room 
* Undressing him 
* Washing his hair 
* Picking up his rubber ducks 
* Drying him off 
* Brushing his teeth 
* Putting on his pajamas 
* Bringing his bear 
* Catching his bedtime story 
* Giving him his goodnight kisses 
And finally letting him go to sleep and dream about playing with his friends. 
All these steps are done in the same order every time your child plays them, while still engaging your child with their fun and interactive content! 

Recommended Age: 2 - 6 years 

We always recommend that parents play the "Bo the Giraffe" Apps the first time together with their child. It's fun for your kids, and for you. For example, ask them how their bed time routine is! 

* 10 engaging and fun scenes 
* Model for standard bedtime routine 
* Great bedtime song in the final scene 
* Fun music and sounds 
* Clear voice-over in English, German or Dutch 
* Child-friendly interface 
* Fun extra doll dress-up game 
* Skills development like; listening, matching, counting and coordination 

There are more "Bo the Giraffe" Apps available! 

* “Bo's Dinnertime," the great Bo the Giraffe story about all the steps around dinnertime! 

* "Bo's School Day," the fun Bo the Giraffe story about all the steps around school time! 

* "Bo's Jigsaw Puzzles," the fun Puzzle App with Bo the Giraffe and his friends! 

* "Bo's Matching Game," the fun Memory App with Bo the Giraffe and his friends! 
About the "MUM" of Bo the Giraffe 
Esther Naalden, writer/illustrator and mother of 2 young children, founded Heppi in 2002. With Heppi she fulfills her passion to create unique products by using her motto “less is more” and bright colors. 
She uses Bo the Giraffe, an adorable and playful little giraffe, and his friends, as the main characters in her creations.

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