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Blue Bird Academy - Flashcard Learning for Toddles

  • iPad, iPhone
  • Paid
  • age 3+

About Blue Bird Academy - Flashcard Learning for Toddles

Blue Bird Academy teaches letters, numbers, shapes and words in a number of languages. 

Teacher Review

The Blue Bird Academy is an app that aims to help young children (aged 4-7) learn the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and common everyday objects. It is purchased from the Apple store and it is available for iOS devices. The app is very simple to use, visually attractive, colourful, and suitable for the age of young children. It provides five different activities, all utilizing a similar learning approach; they match a sound or word with an image. This may be the image of a letter, a number, a shape, or an object. Each activity is colour-coded and accompanied by the hero of the app, “Blue Bird”. Blue bird assists with navigation by indicating to the user how to reveal each image. The red activity is about learning the alphabet, the green activity is about learning numbers, the light blue activity is about learning shapes, the purple activity is about learning everyday objects, and the yellow activity is about learning from images (pictures of real objects).  One object (e.g., letter, shape) appears at a time. Interestingly, for the letter to appear, children have to erase a coloured canvas that covers the object. This game-like characteristic adds a bit of excitement even for an adult.
The app has two main customization features that can help learning and engagement. The first one relates to the yellow activity. Children can take their own pictures and insert them into the app, creating their own portfolio of images. The second one relates to the recording of their own voice to describe these images. The recording option is also available for all other activities. Yet, this functionality is password-protected and can only be accessed with the help of adults. It would be beneficial if this was an option for children as it could provide a way for assessing what children have learnt. For example, by having children record the sounds of letters, parents could assess whether their children have learnt the alphabet and identify areas that need further improvement.
The app can be used in five different languages including English, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian. This functionality allows the learning of words in different languages. For example, children can hear the pronunciation of number one in any of these languages by pressing a button in the top middle of the screen. Children's cultural awareness is enhanced by Blue Bird carrying the flag of each country's language, making the learning of a new language situated in its broader cultural context.
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iPad, iPhone



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  • Blue Bird Academy - Flashcard Learning for ToddlesBlue Bird Academy - Flashcard Learning for ToddlesBlue Bird Academy - Flashcard Learning for ToddlesBlue Bird Academy - Flashcard Learning for ToddlesBlue Bird Academy - Flashcard Learning for Toddles


We created Blue Bird Academy for our youngster and now we'd like to share it with you! :) Our aim was to make an app which helps with learning alphabet, numbers, shapes and common objects in the best and easiest way and at the same time offer a fun preschool education. However, later our vision expanded and we included additional modes and educational tools as well as multiple languages. Blue Bird Academy is an absolutely ad-free app and the in-app purchases are gated by parental lock providing an uninterrupted learning experience for the toddler or preschooler. It truly is an honest app created by parents.

We love it! Hope you do too... we welcome feedback.

With this easy to use, child-friendly learning tool, your youngster can learn the Alphabet, Numbers, Shapes and a huge variety of everyday Objects in up to 5 languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian and Russian)!
Blue Bird Academy is a powerful preschool learning platform that allows you to easily introduce your child to virtually any object, letter, number, shape or concept in a fun and exciting way.
In any one of the languages, your child can learn

  • The Alphabet
  • Numbers 0-20
  • 15 common shapes
  • 50+ everyday objects and much more!! 

Delight and educate your child in “Picture” Mode, where you take a picture of anything you wish and use your voice to speak the word. Watch your youngster’s face fill with delight as the object that is revealed is something they know and the speaker is their own parent!
This easy to use, educational tool comes with well over 350 unique objects to provide hours of learning and entertainment.

  • Multi-language support – Comes with English, Spanish, French, Italian and Russian but since you can edit existing items and add new items, you can record everything in your native tongue
  • Extremely ease interface anyone can learn in seconds
  • Professional voice actors keep kids engaged
  • Fully customize the interface – show/hide the activities you wish your child to focus on 
  • Adorable animated mascot keep kids involved 
  • Randomize the reveal order of any activity as your youngest advances 
  • High quality, colorful images keep the activity light and engaging
  • Optionally record your own voice to any image - your child can learn everything in your voice making the discovery all the more impressionable
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