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About Bloomz

Bloomz is a communication app designed to help schools and childcare centers engage with parents and students by sending updates, reminders and messages. Bloomz allows childcare centers to share moments with parents via images or videos, manage events and maintain a record of children's naps, meals and other daily activities. Bloomz offers mobile applications for Android and iOS devices, which enables teachers, parents and schools to post class updates, schedule conferences, sign up volunteers and more.

Bloomz Review

Bloomz is a classroom app that saves teachers time by helping them connect, coordinate, and communicate with today's generation of parents.

Bloomz is a great app that helps streamline teacher communication with parents. It allows teachers to have a calendar of class events, share pictures with parents, and even schedule conferences. With this teacher parent communication app, parents will never miss a moment.

Bloomz is the award winning app that allows parents to connect with their child's teacher and other parents. It’s easy to keep parents involved with the class updates feature that allows for photo and video sharing, the class calendars with itemized events that can be linked to pages with additional information, and the communication feature that allows for sending messages with student timelines and behavior tracking. The app also has a social networking feel to it as it encourages sharing and “liking” posts from parents or teachers.

How much does Bloomz cost?

Bloomz Convenience Pack costs $19.99 and Bloomz Teacher Premium costs $95.99.

What are some of the things we can do with Bloomz?

  • Send classroom updates in real time.
  • Translate posts into any of 84 languages!
  • Update a parent on their student’s latest accomplishment, challenge, anything at all!
  • Share photos, videos and have them accessible in the future.
  • Attach files, documents to posts, including student work.
  • Allow or disable comments to posts. Use read receipts if you like.
  • Using the calendar function, coordinate parent-teacher meetings, events, volunteer efforts.
  • Connect directly with other parents (each parent can enable or disable this feature)

Creative Use of Technology

Bloomz combines and integrates the functions of many different tools in one effective, easy-to-use app. From updating a profile picture to maintaining an interactive calendar, teachers can use Bloomz to streamline often difficult, time-consuming communication with parents.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment

Bloomz allows teachers to have two-way communication with parents, as they can chat online. Teachers can also give parents access to chat with other parents to set up carpools or playdates. Organizing classroom activities like conferences helps teachers save time and involves parents in the process, so the communication can be ongoing. Bloomz also allows teachers to combine lots of simple but important tasks such as sending out posts, announcements, or alerts.

This outstanding, easy-to use app enables teachers to communicate many pieces of classroom information to parents, easily and effectively.

Bloomz is the award-winning app that saves teachers and administrators time in all their parent, student, and staff communication, while creating a supportive school community.

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You can download Bloomz on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the Bloomz app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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