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Blockly for Dash & Dot robots

  • Android, iPad, iPhone
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  • age 7+

About Blockly for Dash & Dot robots

Blockly for Dash & Dot Robots introduces them to coding using visual blocks of code. Kids work through a hands-on tutorial and then can complete puzzles wherein they must write the prescribed programs. They can also create their own programs and save them in-app. 

Dash & Dot from Wonder Workshop is a connected learning system that works with a pair of real-world robots named Dash and Dot. Using the two robots and a handful of Android and iOS apps such as Blockly, kids will learn the fundamentals of programming, problem solving skills, and much more. These robots can not only help prepare young minds for eventual technology careers, they're also a valuable way to reach kids from groups that are less likely to work in technology later on in life.

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Android, iPad, iPhone






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  • Blockly for Dash & Dot robotsBlockly for Dash & Dot robotsBlockly for Dash & Dot robotsBlockly for Dash & Dot robotsBlockly for Dash & Dot robots


Blockly is a visual drag-and-drop programming tool developed by Google that allows children to snap together commands like puzzle pieces. Take on coding challenges and invent your own creations by using Blockly to control Dash & Dot!

Learn concepts like sequencing, events, loops, algorithms, operations, and variables through self-directed play and guided challenges. Basic puzzles teach the concepts of coding through playful project ideas, allowing kids to learn and explore all on their own. Bonus puzzles are added each week for endless entertainment and learning.

Kids can confidently embark on their own coding adventures with their newfound knowledge, a dash of creativity, and robot buddies - Dash & Dot. For ages 8 and up.


  • Connect Dash and/or Dot to the Blockly app using Bluetooth Smart/4
  • Start with a sample project or start your own projects from scratch
  • Navigate Dash through a maze or around your home, using object detection to avoid walls
  • Dash & Dot know when they are being picked up and moved. Program them to sound the alarm when there is a disturbance!
  • Program Dash & Dot to do synchronized dances and moves with lights, motion, and sounds

Wonder Workshop, an award-winning creator of educational toys and applications for children, was founded in 2012 by three parents on a mission to make learning to code meaningful and fun for children. Through open-ended play and learning experiences, we hope to instill a sense of wonder while helping kids develop their creative problem solving skills. We play test with children throughout our product and app development process to make sure our experiences are frustration free and fun.

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