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There are a number of translator apps on the market and Blink Translator is certainly unique. The app receives a well-deserved EAS Certification of 2 tars.

Teacher Review

As a free app translator this app shows some promise and could be used for a variety of situations. Upon opening the app there is a simple screen where you can choose to have the Blink Translator app in an ‘On’ or ‘Off’ mode. If the app is turned ‘On’ a small Blink icon appears on the screen. This is a nice way to display that the app is on and a simple way to return to the app with the text you would like to translate.

The drop down menu of the languages you can translate if very impressive. Once a language is chosen you can revert to another app, document or webpage and simply highlight the text that you want to translate. Pressing the floating Blink icon will return you to the app where your chosen text is translated.

One major flaw was this app is that it is not very clear how it works. It took us some time to establish this and the app would benefit from a user guide in the settings menu. We are also unsure what options appear in the setting menu as this did not appear to offer any options. The app would also benefit from having the ability to download the translation into an email or PDF.

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Marta Ungureanu and Cristian Bălu

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Blink Translator is a quick tool which helps you translate words/phrases into more than 30 languages while using other apps. All you have to do is to choose the language you want to translate into, turn on the app and you are ready to go! You can now get the experience of a good translator in a popup window. Just turn on the app, copy any text, tap our logo and enjoy it! :)

This app uses Microsoft Translator, it requires a good internet connection in order to work properly and the input language doesn’t need to be specified (it is auto-detected). Blink Translator does not require you to download another application such as a dictionary.

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