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Birgitte Berteldatter's Brilliant Birds and Beasts

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Take your child on a magical journey with this interactive journal of imagination. Improve your recognition of literary devices and reading skills whilst divulging into a world of imagination and new experiences crucial in the development of a young child’s mind. The app has received an EAS Certification of 5 Stars.

Teacher Review

One of the most encapsulating and engaging appbooks I have ever used! From ‘Kite Snakes’ to ‘Chewlips’ and ‘Dumbledogs’ there is so much to discover in Birgitte Berteldatter's journal of Brilliant Birds and Beasts. During the development of a young child it is inevitable that their imagination is reaching sky high, through the discovery of new objects and experiences on a day to day basis this app will enable them to explore, learn and engage in a creative and imaginative way.

Divulge into the several different literary devices effectively integrated throughout the entire journal of Birgitte’s discoveries. A rhyming scheme has been used in many throughout the journal with the second and fourth stanza rhyming (e.g. barge and large) creating a consistent rhythm and exciting writing style for the child to read along to. The easy and simple rhyming couplets will not only entice and engage the child but will also enable children to identify these words learning the core of poetry and the effects it has.  Alongside this there are various uses of adjectives, similes, metaphors, rhetorical questions, four syllable words and a lot more! Your child is guaranteed constant and achievable development in their reading skills as well as their ability to process and retain these simple yet effective methods of some of the most important and fundamental literary devices in the English language.

The text has been accommodated with fun and hand drawn illustrations and animations as if ‘Birgitte’ has drawn them herself. Reading a journal from a girl who is the same age group as the child will encourage the child to want to do the same with the positive influence and exciting imaginary content the child will come across. The interactive features within the journal make it more exciting and entertaining for the child bringing these imaginations to life as the Chewlip eats the Jack Fly. These interactions visually explain and support what has been written to the child if they are finding it difficult and thus, accommodates the learning process through different learning styles.

The child has the choice of reading themselves or having a narrator which will guide them throughout the journal. This is so more confident readers can navigate through the journal themselves and others can be accommodated with a narrator who will guide them to read the journal, pronounce words and enjoy the simulated experience. Children can self-manage the app or through the support of their parents as the app is compatible for both. The consistent and easy to use functionality of the app makes it conventional for the child to easily operate through the story as they simply have to slide their finger from right to left to turn to the next page and interact with the relevant features.

Each page will show a new discovery creating a sense of anticipation of what is going to come next! At the end of the book children have the option to add to the journal and therefore encouraging them to use their imagination and literary skills to make similar adventurous pictures and save them to their picture library. This will ensure that the child will never get bored of the app as the personalised page at the end will allow them to continuously add to the appbook and save whilst looking back at the content for inspiration, ideas and guidance.

In conclusion, what you as a parent will receive from this app for your child is invaluable. In terms of critical feedback for improvement there is not much to say as this app effectively achieves its goals. Regular update on content would ensure that children are constant engaged and don’t get bored of reading the same thing. However, this is definitely a chance for ongoing development, expansion on their literary knowledge, imagination and creativity skills, this is a must have app for every child! At this early age of development, grasping and developing these key literary skills is essential and something they will need to demonstrate later in their lives thus, making this app perfect to ensure your child has the high level of literary skills needed to succeed and achieve to their best potential.  

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  • Birgitte BerteldatterBirgitte BerteldatterBirgitte BerteldatterBirgitte BerteldatterBirgitte Berteldatter


Birgitte Berteldatter's Brilliant Birds and Beasts

“My name’s Birgitte Berteldatter, and my home is on this barge.
I like to go exploring, stalking creatures small and large.
I draw them in a book because not everyone can see my Brilliant Birds and Beasts. (I wonder if they’re stalking me?)”

Dive into the bizarre and exciting world of Birgitte Berteldatter, eccentric explorer and adventurer extraordinaire! Her field journal has finally been published, releasing her astounding discoveries to the waiting world. Slightly confused that these beasts only seem to appear to Birgitte, she makes notes and sketches of all the fantastic creatures she finds on her adventures, where the Rolling Beagle knows no fear, the Urban Flox will nibble your socks, and a trick to befriending the beautiful but rather pompous Royal Crested Tiger is to give him pink sherbet.

NO in-app purchasing! Read with your children in confidence that this is your time, your story.

- Hand drawn illustrations and animations
- Tap the screen to find animations hidden on each page
- Double tap or swipe to turn the page
- Read to Me and Read by Myself options with individual word highlights
- Draw your own creatures and save them for your own journal
- Great family experience

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