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About BioBlox-2D

BioBlox2D is an app which allows users to engage in a fun, stimulating, Tetris-like game that also develops their understanding of key biology concepts. BioBlox2D focuses on the Biological process of protein-ligand docking by allowing users to manipulate the orientation of a variety of different molecules in order for them to bind with the specific protein found at the bottom of the screen. The app is supported by a website which includes instructions and a user video.

BioBlox-2D Review

BioBlox2D is a free educational app which allows students to develop their understanding of the complex process of Protein-Ligand docking. BioBlox2D provides a clear visual of the way in which a variety of Biological molecules can bind with proteins depending on their shape, orientation and charge – a concept often difficult to grasp when observing this in 3D. The app also includes quick fire questions to challenge the user beyond just this process, but also in the recognition of specific molecules, thus providing a useful overlap with Chemistry.

When accessing the app, users are met with a short explanation of the process of Protein docking followed by a clear and concise set of instructions for the game. Continuing into the app, users are presented with a colourful screen with 3 tab options; ‘New game’, ‘Quit’ and ‘Options’. On choosing the ‘Options’ tab, users are able to select their difficulty level to enable a personalised learning experience. This is useful as it caters to a wide age range and ability level. Users can also adjust the volume in this tab with the app providing background music and sound effects as you manoeuvre through the levels. 

Beginning a new game brings users to a fresh screen with a simple yet effective background adorned with faded biological molecules. Bordering the main screen are the users lives, total score and any collected bonus objects. The game begins immediately with a falling molecule that needs to be re-orientated to fit into the protein dock found at the bottom of the screen. Similar to the Lock-Key method the molecule will only fit if it has been correctly positioned. Users are in a race against time to collect the most points per level by correctly docking their molecule in the quickest time. If your molecule drops below the red safety line before you have orientated it correctly the points available begin to drop rapidly creating a fun, addictive and engaging game. As users progress through the levels they are given questions and hints which link to these molecules, helping them learn key pieces of information about Biology, answers are then given when the level has been completed.

The game progresses its difficulty in several ways. The first is by introducing multiple small molecules that fall at one time. Users must now re order, re-orientate and bond these individual molecules together to create a larger substance to then correctly dock. With time limits still in play this invites an exciting and addicting challenge, engaging the user further. The second increase in difficulty comes from the introduction of charges on the falling molecules; these too must be correctly matched to the protein for successful docking to occur. Users are able to gain bonuses as they progress through each level helping them complete more difficult runs, some of which include; extra lives, slowing the falling molecules down and removing the red time limit line. In addition to this on successful completion of a level users gain the molecules to store in their log book (extra tab created when a user has saved a game), this personalises the users game and allows them to return and continue their quest, adding to the engaging aspect of the app. 

From an academic stand point the app is both engaging and challenging and is able to display a notoriously difficult concept in an easy and clear way. The app develops the users understanding by including quiz questions and extending the complexity of the molecules used to ensure that a wide range of ability levels are catered for. The app can be used offline which is useful in schools as not all have accessible Wi-Fi for students. Overall, I think this app is worthy of its 5 star rating and has potential to grow beyond the levels already designed.

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Goldsmiths, University of London

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