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About Bioanim Complete

Explore, interact and learn about a wide range of biological processes and human organs with Bioanim Complete. This is an app that takes fully advantage of tablet technology by giving the learner free reign to visualise and grasp difficult concepts at a pace they choose to take.

Bioanim Complete Review

This Biology app is ideal for students to use as a revision tool or for teachers as a teaching and learning aid in the classroom. It contains interactive animations for cell structures of plant, animal and prokaryotic, cellular respiration and photosynthesis, sense organs and molecular motors. Each of these categories can be purchased separately as individual apps, however there is a 50% saving by purchasing just this one app. In total there are 48 objects that the user has full control over exploring.

The app takes on one of the fundamental features of the tablet as a learning tool – modelling virtual objects. It replaces the standard textbook 2D image and assists the learner to visualise the structures, deepening their understanding. It addresses complex concepts so that the learner can deal with any confusion or misconception they might have.

There is a very simple navigation system used consistently through the app. On the home screen the menu displays the main categories of animations along with simple icons to direct you. Tap on a category and another menu appears with the list of objects or processes to be studied. Each animation is presented using colourful 3D illustrations with labels that can be toggled on and off. You can rotate and zoom in as well as read up on the supporting notes. By tapping on the notes the keyboard appears and you have the option to add your own extra notes.

Most of the 3D objects allow the user to see each of the components separately as well as seeing where the component fits into the overall structure. The animations for the energy processes display the individual steps involved and provide a high level of detail including the chemical structure of each substance. The sense organ animations have some extra interactive features for the eye and the ear. You can alter the size of the lens of the eye and include a contact lens to see the effect of where the image appears. The tablet’s microphone can be used to record a sound and the app will show how the inner ear’s basilar fibres respond.

There are a few niggles with the interaction with the 3D objects, it could be smoother and it takes a while to get used to how responsive the rotation and zoom features can be. The home screen help section is quite basic and in some animations there are icons that appear that require further explanation for their function.

The developers have done a very good job to produce an app that caters for all types of learners. However, this is an educational app without any assessment tools built in. A useful addition in an app with so much high quality content would be to have a method to record student progress through independent learning and effective testing.

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