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About Drawing Games for Kids

Drawing Games for Kids is a guided drawing and colouring app for young kids. Kids trace elements of a picture until it is complete and then colour it in. The coloured-in image then animates as a reward.

This app has a feature-limited free mode, a fixed-time and fully-featured free trial, and a premium subscription. The app works on iOS and Android phones and tablets and suits kids aged between two and six.

Drawing Games for Kids Review

What is Drawing Games for Kids app?

Drawing Games for Kids is a fun and creative app for young kids.

Players choose a theme from various categories including vehicles, animals and dinosaurs. Each one has many pictures to select.

With the image chosen, kids trace the sections of the picture under the app's guidance. This process doesn't present the whole picture at once, so kids feel like they are building a complete image themselves. They can choose which colours to use for the lines. Once kids have completed the outline, they begin colouring in.

The app helps kids stay within the lines by only allowing digital ink to flow in the first section touched. Kids choose from various colours and effects to colour in the pictures.

Completed pictures come to life in an animation where the subject of the drawing, still displaying the young artist's creative choices, begins to move.

What we love about Drawing Games for Kids app.

Kids Drawing app provides lots of guidance for kids but disguises it with many choices. Kids choose the pictures they want to create, trace the outlines to form the shape, and then colour it using the colouring tools, hues and patterns they select.

The app's framework makes everything simple to achieve. Colouring in with this app is not frustrating as some apps are due to the inherent inaccuracy of using a finger on a phone to stay within the lines. Kids using this app still feel like they are colouring in, but the app assists with keeping everything neat.

It would be easy to use this app to help kids learn to use physical pens. Kids, with the support of a parent, can complete each section in the app and then try to replicate it on paper. This approach would add an extra dimension to the app with artistic and pen-control benefits.

What skills does it teach?

Kids will practice motor skills using this app and learn to interact efficiently with a screen. The tracing and colouring activities will also start kids thinking about drawing recognisable objects and the suitable colours for them.

What age is it appropriate for?

The guided activities could suit kids between the ages of two and six. Some kids will outgrow the guidance a little sooner than others, so parents should make good use of the trial and observe the app being used to see if their kids enjoy it.

Is Drawing Games for Kids app easy to use?

Moving through the app is simple and intuitive enough that kids using this as their first interactive app will soon understand how to use it. The simple art-tool selection lays the foundations for productivity apps kids will use in the future.

How will students benefit?

kids using this app will begin following similar creative patterns to those they will use when they move on to future productivity software. Choosing painting tools and colours is not far from selecting the appropriate options in any creative app. Kids Drawing gives a great sense of completion when they finish drawing and colouring. The picture bursts into life with animation, making that activity satisfying and encouraging kids to move on to another.

How will parents benefit?

Parents don't want their kids to associate modern tech only with playing games. This app helps establish their devices as creative tools rather than just gaming devices and passive media-consumption screens. Kids Drawing app also provides an entertaining but less stimulating activity than games, making it ideal for before bedtime or when kids need occupying without becoming too excited.

How will teachers benefit?

Kids Drawing app could be a helpful app for kindergarten or reception teachers. Kids who have not had the opportunity at home to develop app skills can use this to catch up. It is also a soothing app to use, which could be helpful in calming anxious or over-excited children.

What can Drawing Games for Kids app improve on?

Kids Drawing app fulfils its aims very well, and there are no frustrating tools or flaws within the app. There will always be a desire for more pictures following more themes however many it includes, but more would be welcome.

We think the app's website could provide more guidance for parents about how they could get the most from this app. Using it to inform and guide paper-based creativity is a small leap but not one that parents might consider.

How much does Drawing Games for Kids app cost?

You can download Drawing Games for Kids for free. Without a subscription, young artists will be limited to a rainbow paintbrush. We'd recommend parents use this to see how the app works, as kids will likely want more options. If you think your kids will enjoy the app, try them with the app's three-day trial. Finally, you can choose a subscription of either one month or one year. The more extended period offers a discount of almost one-third when compared to paying monthly.

Is Drawing Games for Kids app safe to use?

This app does not contain any advertisements or external links. All of the included images are violence-free and kid-friendly.

Overall rating of the app.

Drawing Games for Kids has a simplicity that belies its creativity and applications. It is easy for kids to use independently, and they'll feel like the final images are their creations. Used with a parent, it will provide talking points about shapes and objects. Put it to work as a guide for physical drawing to expand its value. We have awarded Drawing Games for Kids five stars in this app review.

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