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About Bimi Boo Kids Academy

Bimi Boo Kids Academy helps develop preschool knowledge and skills in kids between two and five. Its 1,700+ games cover curriculum-type topics such as numeracy and literacy and provide more general thinking, creativity, and knowledge development activities.

Bimi Boo Kids Academy is available on iOS and Android devices. You can try the app with a trial of up to one month, after which you can subscribe either monthly or yearly.

Bimi Boo Kids Academy Review

What is Bimi Boo Kids Academy app?

Bimi Boo Kids Academy is an educational minigame app for preschool kids. It contains hundreds of activities which cover early numeracy, literacy, vocabulary and general thinking skills.

The app has different ways of accessing the activities to cater for kids' preferences.

Learning Path leads kids through the activities following a logical developmental structure, starting with activities for kids aged about two. Kids playing this way follow a narrative which slowly introduces them to the app's characters and world.

Kids' Zone groups activities by types. This section is more suitable for kids who don't want to work through activities aimed at a younger age than their own. It is also a good place for parents who wish to work on a specific skill with their kids.

The All Games section groups the activities by their play style so kids can look for games with themes like counting, telling the time, songs, tracing etc.

There is also a New Games section where kids can discover what has been added in each app update.

The app has additional activities such as guided colouring pages, cartoon-like fact videos, on-screen musical instruments to play, and animated sing-along cartoons. The app requires internet access to open the games and synchronise progress across devices.

What we love about Bimi Boo Kids Academy app.

The most striking thing about the Bimi Boo Kids Academy when you start to explore it is the sheer number of activities. The app claims over 1,700. Some are variations on a theme; for example, each letter-learning exercise counts separately, but this doesn't detract from the many different game styles.

Each is also beautifully depicted on screen. They are clear, attractive, and encourage interaction. The skills and knowledge they teach are essential for kids to learn, and the games provide learning support in a pressure-free and fun environment.

With so many minigames available, kids could find it challenging to choose or spend too much time searching through the selection. Bimi Boo Kids Academy tracks which games your kids play to recommend similar games in future. As these reflect your child's interest, they should help keep them engaged and keen to try new ones.

What skills does it teach?

Bimi Boo Kids Academy addresses skills kids need to learn for school, such as math and literacy. It also has activities to help kids grow their vocabularies, encourage creativity, develop motor skills, and think about daily life.

What age is it appropriate for?

The app has activities for kids aged two to five. New subscribers to the app will ideally have kids who have only just turned four or below.

Is Bimi Boo Kids Academy app easy to use?

Young kids won't find Bimi Boo Kids Academy difficult to use in any way. The games are simple to play and have spoken instructions. Players are rarely more than two or three screen taps away from any activity. Parents have a simple section displaying their kids' progress in an easily readable format.

How will students benefit?

Bimi Boo Kids Academy provides a single place on a device where kids can find educational fun. The safe environment without external links or advertisements means they can play it independently and cooperatively with their parents.

Kids will love learning new things independently and showing their parents what they know. Encouraging this at a young age will help kids develop learning autonomy and increase their academic confidence.

How will parents benefit?

For Educators section of the app is a good place for parents to look when they want to do something to prepare their kids for school. It includes five categories, literacy, numeracy, science, the world and creativity. They divide each of these into further topics or levels. The descriptions of what kids will learn or practice in each one are helpful for parents to know when they support their kids while playing the app.

It is easy for parents to learn about their kids' app use as they examine each child's profile within the parental dashboard. They can see which topics and game styles each child favours and which topics they have played.

Parents can put this to good use. For example, if they see kids have not played with the letters activities much, it could indicate that they find it difficult or lack confidence. Some extra support at this early stage could help prevent a problem from developing later.

How will teachers benefit?

As an app for preschool children, this is not one that many teachers will need to use directly, although there could be activities within it that could be useful for children who need help catching up.

For the most part, teachers will benefit from kids having learned and practised the foundational knowledge which learners can build on in their first year at school.

How much does Bimi Boo Kids Academy app cost?

Bimi Boo Kids Academy is free to download. The app opens with a video overview of its features and your options for a free trial. You choose whether you would eventually like a monthly or annual subscription. The shorter term comes with a seven-day trial, while the longer offers one month.

While you choose your term at this point, you aren't committed as you can still cancel either trial and pay nothing. The annual subscription is about 29% cheaper than the equivalent time on monthly subscriptions. By creating additional profiles, you can have up to three kids use the app under a single subscription.

Is Bimi Boo Kids Academy app safe to use?

The app asks for your child's date of birth. While knowing the player's age may provide the app with information to determine the appropriate activities for kids, it shouldn't need more than the month and year, but it also asks for the day.

The parental page of the app is protected by a lock that asks you to enter your birth year.

The app does not contain any advertisements or external links. All of the content in the app is suitable for kids.

What can Bimi Boo Kids Academy app improve on?

Bimi Boo Kids Academy's on-screen controls favour right-handed kids. For example, you'll drag jigsaw pieces from a tray on the right of the screen. Left-handed kids who do this obscure the rest of the screen with their hand as they make the selection.

A left-hander option that moves these user controls to the opposite screen side will help the 10% of left-handed kids.

On some of the tutorial pages, the instructions appear in text. These are small on a tablet-sized device, but on a phone, they are minuscule. The app speaks them aloud, so it is not a practical issue, but it is a rare lack of attention to detail in the app.

Freeing the app from an internet connection could be helpful in some circumstances. A welcome feature would be a way to preload different sections in advance.

Overall rating of the app.

While many minigame apps exist for preschool kids, Bimi Boo Kids Academy is among the best. The amount, quality, and variety of games ensure kids will have plenty to explore and learn. The app's free trial also lets you be sure it suits your child before you commit to subscribing, so we recommend you give this five-star app a go.

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Android, iPad, iPhone




Kindergarten Apps (3-5 Years)


Cognitive Development
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