Baby Shapes and Colors

Rating Baby Shapes and Colors - 4 out of 5 - Good Rating 4.0

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About Baby Shapes and Colors

Baby Shapes & Colors contains fifteen minigames for preschool children to learn about sorting and arranging items by color and shape. These also include activities that introduce animals and what they eat.

You can download the Bimi Boo Baby Shapes and Colors app for free on iOS and Android, with five of the fifteen games accessible. A single, one-off purchase unlocks the full fifteen games.

Baby Shapes and Colors Review

What is Baby Shapes & Colors app?

Baby Shapes & Colors is a minigame app for preschool kids which helps them identify properties of items that they can use for sorting and arranging. It also includes some extras, such as a game for matching appropriate foodstuffs to animals, such as nuts for squirrels and plants for rabbits.

What we love about Baby Shapes & Colors app.

Like all the Bimi Boo apps, this one looks great. Its colorful and clear graphics encourage kids to play and ensure they notice the appropriate features within the games.

The games don't have time limits or other pressures, making them ideal for parents to play alongside their kids. The activities and content in the games are varied enough that kids should enjoy moving between them for new experiences.

What skills does it teach?

Baby Shapes & Colors helps young children learn how items have different properties which can be used to sort and arrange them.

What age is it appropriate for?

The minigames in this app are most suitable for preschool kids.

Is Baby Shapes & Colors app easy to use?

A simple menu screen takes players to the games with a single click. The activities encourage experimentation, and kids' natural exploration will help them learn what to do.

How will students benefit?

As one of the increasingly rare apps without recurring purchases, Baby Shapes & Colors is a good option for giving kids an app-based treat that will provide them with learning opportunities. The games are perfect for young kids who will add their imaginations to the characterful characters within them.

How will parents benefit?

Apps with time limits or sophisticated ability-matching abilities prevent parents from playing alongside kids. Baby Shapes & Colors has a simplicity that lets parents share the screen with their kids and guide, encourage, and develop their children as they do.

How will teachers benefit?

Baby Shapes & Colors is for preschool children. It may have value in some cases for kids with special needs.

What can Baby Shapes & Colors app improve on?

The app doesn't use speech, which feels like a missed opportunity to help kids develop and grow their vocabulary. Without spoken words, kids are learning about shape properties without corresponding names. Playing with parents would alleviate this, so the app could alternatively provide guidance for keywords and properties that parents can use in conversation while playing alongside.

How much does Baby Shapes & Colors app cost?

You can download Baby Shapes & Colors for free as a version with five of the fifteen games unlocked and fully playable. A single in-app purchase unlocks the rest of the games. Note that this is not a recurring subscription; you only need to pay once.

Is Baby Shapes & Colors app safe to use?

There are no advertisements or external links in this app. All of the content is suitable for young kids.

Overall rating of the app.

Baby Shapes & Colors is a fun, self-contained app that will provide kids with some educational fun. If you plan to use it alongside your child, it will give a sound basis for supported learning, but its lack of spoken descriptions limits its independent learning value.

We've awarded this app four stars, but its lack of subscription and potential to use alongside your kids could make it ideal for providing fun parent/child learning sessions.

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Android, iPad, iPhone




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