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Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures: Dinosaur Days

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Sesame Street

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Publisher's Description

Buckle up and fly away with Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures! This remarkable clay animated Sesame Street series has been specially adapted as e-books for your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Read along as Bert and Ernie imagine their way to faraway lands and find their way home again to 123 Sesame Street.


Ogg, bog, boog! Caveman Bert and Caveman Ernie are searching for food!
There are no restaurants in prehistoric times, and the tasty egg they find belongs to an angry Mama Dinosaur! Will Caveman Bert and Caveman Ernie escape back to 123 Sesame Street? Come along and find out!

Narrated by Gordon, from Sesame Street.


• Record Your Own Audio: Record your own voice reading the book and create a digital legacy for a child or grandchild. Easy interface makes the recording process a snap -- perfect for kids and grownups. Have each family member record their own.

• Full Narration: Listen to Gordon from Sesame Street read the story aloud. Tap the text box to hear any page again.

• Word highlighting: Each word highlights as Gordon reads it.

• Page Flow: Move along each illustration in tandem with the story -- see a big story transformed for a small screen.

• Visual Table of Contents: Jump easily to your favorite parts of the story, or resume reading where you left off.

• Auto Play: Choose to watch the story unfold on auto-play, or choose to turn pages yourself with a simple swipe.

• Coloring: Choose a Sesame Street picture to color. With the interactive tools palette you can change the color or size of brush. Tap to hide the palette.

• Store: Find other Sesame Street apps through the in-app store page. Feature can be easily disabled in Settings.

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