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This application supports the BEHCA Behaviour Tracking platform where an account is required to access the application and its features.

Once an account has been set up the user is asked to enter profiles of the student, children or subject that they are currently observing. Multiple profiles can be added by upgrading your subscription.

The interface and graphics are very well presented and the menu system is easy to navigate. Entering a subject’s details is very easy and requires name, date of birth and location.

We love the fact that a photograph can be added to enable the user to identify the subject at a glance. This is an excellent feature when dealing with multiple profiles.

Once the details have been provided the user can then identify a myriad of fully customisable Behavioural characteristics including:


Physical Behaviour: Screaming, Physical Aggression, Sensory Seeking, pacing and verbal aggression.

Seizures: Grand Mal, Tonic Clonic

Communication: Sign Language, Communication device, Positive interaction

Social Interactions: Initiating Conversation, Prompted Greeting, Positive response with peer.

General notes can also be added here.


General Environment: Excessive noise, Fans, Sirens, crowds, Flickering lights, traffic, Strong Smells.

Basic Changes/Schedule: Schedule Change, Substitute teacher, Transitions, New Provider.

External Influences: Dentist, Doctor Appointment, New Person in home.

General notes can also be added here.

Health: Observable Health

Overall Health: Headaches, Cold/flu, allergies, heartburn, excessive gas, joint pain, other.

Menstrual Cycle: Menstruation

Food Eaten today: Dairy, gluten, corn, soy, sugar, nitrates, artificial food dyes, processed foods, caffeine.

Digestion: Normal, Diarrhoea, constipation.

Other events of the day: TV/IPad, Video games, Sleep, exercise.

As you can see the options are very extensive and they can build a very detailed picture of the subject, their environment and everyday life. The developers can be commended for the multiple options that the application offers. As the data is entered on a regular basis the platform builds up a visual profile of the subject and this can be seen in the Dashboard graphs. The graphs will highlight any areas or patterns that occur over a long or short period of time to identify changes in behaviour. You can also see that the application provides a weather graph that monitors rainfall, pressure, and temperature; all of which can have an effect on behaviour.

Although some of the menu systems may be more suitable in the hands of a medical or behavioural expert this application can also be used by schools and those who are assigned for Special needs or behavioural management. The application is excellent at identifying patterns in behavioural changes and can also be shared where teachers can enter data throughout the day. This gives everyone a "full story" of events, and empowers parents and caregivers to be informed participants on the care team. With so many external and internal influences that can have an effect on person’s behaviour, this application can identify patterns and changes that otherwise may be overlooked.

This is a good app that not only enables the user to create a single behavioural profile but also enables the user to manage multiple profiles. This data is easily accessible and a single or multiple picture can be built and displayed very efficiently. This is ideal for parental, behaviour managers, parents and teachers.

We welcome the fact that more options may be added in the future and with a few minor additions this could be an excellent application. 

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From the Developer

BEHCA® is a data tracking tool to support a proven method for better identifying and managing behaviors through regular observation, communication, and collaboration. It offers a highly individualized experience that collects information from a variety of sources which can be compared and analyzed, showing trends and patterns we might not otherwise notice.
New accounts receive a free 14-day trial. After the trial a monthly or annual subscription is required.
- Collect data on a daily basis related to a person’s behavior, environment, and overall health. Weather and location-specific data is collected automatically, allowing for a full spectrum of comparisons.
- Customize the type of data you are tracking specific to their individual behavior. No two individuals are exactly alike, so their behavior profiles shouldn't be either.
- Invite other collaborators (teachers, providers, etc) who can also enter data throughout the day. This gives everyone a "full story" of events throughout the day, and empowers parents and caregivers to be informed participants on the care team.
- A series of data visualizations show correlations between environmental, health, daily living variables, and behavior, making situational events and triggers of behavior more visible and tangible.
- All data is encrypted and stored securely in the cloud and accessible by a phone, tablet, or computer via the native app or
- Add as many Observable Persons as you need to track (plans are available for families, providers, and schools)
Join us and learn more at!
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