Behavior Tracking Apps

5 Best Behavior Tracking Apps

A behavior trackers are wonderful tools to encourage positive behavior and have fun at the same time. Because it only takes a few seconds to track difficult behaviors with these apps, you will be keeping better records than you ever have before. A good behavior tracker app tracks the behaviour patterns of children, and to present them in graph form. The goal of ABA therapy is to collect objective data based on responses made by the child and analyze the data to determine if behavioral improvements are being made.

Here is the list of behavior tracking apps helping families all around the world monitor the behavior of their children and form good life long habits.

1. BEHCA Behavior Tracker

BEHCA Behaviour Tracker is an application data tracking tool to support a proven method for better identifying and managing behaviours through regular observation, communication, and collaboration. The graphs will highlight any areas or patterns that occur over a long or short period of time to identify changes in behaviour. You can also see that the application provides a weather graph that monitors rainfall, pressure, and temperature; all of which can have an effect on behaviour.

Devices: iPhone, Android

2. Behavior Tracker Pro

Behavior Tracker Pro is an iOS application that allows teachers, therapists, and parents to track certain behaviors of the child and record them in an easy-to-read behavioral chart or graph. With Behavior Tracker Pro, teachers can record video of specific behaviors or interventions to review with other caregivers. Behavior Tracker Pro allows users to upload their data in a secure “Team Portal” for advanced online charting, collaboration, messaging, therapy management, and more.

Devices: iPhone, iPad

3. Thumsters

Thumsters is the agile and fun incentive based behavioral tracking app, designed to encourage desired behaviors in your children and develop great lifelong behavioral habits. Thumsters is the simple app that is helping families all around the world monitor the behavior of their children and form good life long habits.

Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad

4. Autism Tracker Pro

Autism Tracker Pro is an app which tracks and analyzes your child’s behavioral patterns. You can record and keep track of their mood, behavior, food, and health. This app can generate a report (daily, weekly, monthly) which will show your child’s statistics. This app can greatly help your child and your family to adjust adapt to the child’s behavioral patterns.

Devices: iPhone, iPad

5. Rooster Money

RoosterMoney Tracker for parents and children helps families manage allowances, chores and rewards and teaches children the value of money.

Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad

Behavior Tracker apps allows caregivers to observe, record, edit, view and export behaviors or events using an easy to use interface.

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