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About Beelinguapp

Beelinguapp is an excellent app for reading in foreign languages. The app allows the user to consecutively read a mirrored text, but in two separate languages at the same time. The app also serves as an audiobook and uses what it calls ‘karaoke reading’ to allow any user to follow the audio in the text on both sides. Beelinguapp supports 12 foreign languages, varying between fairy tales, news, science papers and novels.

Teacher Review

Beelinguapp bring you a charming series storybook app whose plotlines introduce you to and draw you into the wonderful worlds of well-known, familiar, and new characters and stories. The app does not specify a target age group, which is understandable as the scope of the app, despite its simplicity, will appeal to users of all ages. This multi-lingual app – ten in total, where users can choose their desired language pairings – is a fantastic way to see additional languages alongside those you already know and follow as they run simultaneously in a natural and intuitive way. The texts, here specifically with regards to Spanish, are very accurate and, furthermore, are complemented by excellent spoken audio.  The language used will be far too advanced for a beginner to the language, yet therein does not lie the crux of the app. It strives to have readers embrace and relate to the stories in another language, as opposed to having them dissect the nuances of how that language is composed and reproduced. Try the free version, as it's one of the best free language-learning apps currently on the market. I also recommend Duolingo, which is our Editors' Choice among free language-learning apps.

The opening sequence allows you to choose the appropriate languages (choose two from: Japanese, Italian, Arabic, English, Turkish, Hindi, Russian, French, Portuguese, Chinese, German, Spanish), set specific filters regarding level of complexity and topics of study. Once you have set your desired filters – or not – you can download a selection of audiobooks. These range from free to paid.  However, a subscription is also offered ranging from 1-month for £1.99 to an annual subscription for £12.99. The range of stories on offer is impressive, with promise that more are added on a weekly basis, and the ‘book cover-esque’ visuals that accompany them further help to draw in the reader. These stories and shorts are endearing in their content and cover a wide range of contexts to appeal to a wide range of users – something that will render it popular with educators and learners alike.  Yet, it is in the core functionality and usability of the app where its appeal comes to the fore.

Beelinguapp’s ‘karaoke reading’ endeavour allows a user to simultaneously read a text across two languages, while following in the audio of the one of their choosing.To facilitate reading, the app will highlight the relevant part of the text that is being read, where with a simple tap the user can have a line repeated or choose to solely focus on that aspect. There is, as well, the additional option of reading in just one language for an attempt to refine one’s listening capabilities. However, the audio will run at the speed of a native speaker, so initial learners of a language may be discouraged as it can be a struggle to distinguish the individual phonemes in an effective manner – if there was the potential to vary the speaker speed in-app, then, I feel there would be greater incentive for such users. As well, the highlighted reading can, at times, be mistimed, but with regular usage these minor issues will pale in significance.

Overall, Beelinguapp is a simplistic app in its scope, but is extremely well-presented with relevant and innovative features, namely the ‘karaoke reading’, which will not only educate but also keep the user engaged as they progress through the stories.

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Learn a new language with Beelinguapp, the app that lets you read texts in two languages side by side! Learn languages at your own pace with this fun and free language learning app.

Ditch the flashcards and pick what languages you want to learn by reading your favorite children stories, short stories, novels and more side by side. Learn languages like: 

  1. English 
  2. German
  3. Spanish
  4. Portuguese
  5. French
  6. Hindi
  7. Russian
  8. Chinese
  9. Arabic
  10. Italian
  11. Japanese
  12. Turkish

Beelinguapp is fun and easy to use for anyone that wants to learn a new language. Use your native language as a guide and start learning today!

Beelinguapp Features

Learn Languages the Right Way

  • Learn a new language by reading different texts in a language of your choosing! 
  • Learn a language by listening to the audio of the text in any language, even if your phone is sleeping.
  • Beelinguapp gives you the option to read the text in YOUR language to use it as a reference.
  • Learn by follow the reader of the audio with a karaoke style animation to know exactly what they are saying.

Learn with Tons of Great Stories

  • No memorization and no flashcards needed. Get side by side readings of your favorite stories.
  • Learn languages at your own pace and choose stories only you want to read.
  • Sort by language, your language level and story type to make learning languages easy.

Learn new languages by reading different texts side by side with Beelinguapp, the easy language learning app! No memorization and no flashcards needed. Learn languages at your own pace by reading your favorite stories on Beelinguapp!

Download now and start learning languages for free!

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