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About Bee Bot App

Bee Bot app is a coding app for kids that introduces kids to coding and programming. Bee Bot is available free to download for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices.

Bee Bot is suitable for children 7-11. Bee-Bot app is a digital version of the Bee-Bot programmable floor robot, designed to introduce young children to basic programming. Bee Bot is one of the best coding apps for kids because Bee Bot game making programming fun and easy! This app has no in-app purchases but does contain 1st party in-app advertising. 

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Bee Bot App Review

What is Bee Bot?

Bee Bot app is based on the original Bee-Bot classroom-friendly floor robot. This is a great app to teach basic level entry coding. Bee Bot app game is free to download on iPhones and iPads. This coding app is best suited for children in elementary school (age 7-11) 

How does Bee Bop app work?

Using the same keypad as the in school floor robot version, the aim is for pupils to solve various challenges by programming a cartoon bee to move around different levels through sequences of forwards, backwards, left and right 90 degree turns. Whereas the physical Bee-Bot requires actual floor space, the Bee-Bot app lets pupils work either individually or in a group on iPad, so it’s great for classrooms where space is an issue.

Set in a bright, colourful garden with a relatively simple appearance this app is designed to appeal to young children. It allows them the opportunity to develop basic programming skills, spacial awareness and an understanding of directional language and concepts. As the sequential movements of the ‘Bee-Bot’ need to be pre-programmed before it moves, this requires children to have the ability to visualise the sequence of the ‘Bee-Bot’ in advance (i.e. it does not do one movement at a time).

Whilst this is a good learning opportunity it could potentially be difficult for some children to do correctly, causing frustration. There is a pause button that can be used during a sequence but unless the clear button is pressed new instructions will be added to the existing sequence. Instructions for game play within the app are found on the home screen, although young children may require support to understand them.

The game does allow for multiple tries, as after each sequence of movements is executed by the ‘Bee-Bot’ it can then be cleared and a new sequence put in. This may help young children to develop persistence and to encourage them to keep trying to improve their skills.

How many levels does Bee Bop app include?

Bee Bot app coding has three levels of play mode: The flower mode with 12 levels, the Sheep Herding mode with 3 levels and the Egg collecting mode with 3 levels. Each level has a scoring system of up to 3 stars depending on how successful you are in solving the problem in the time given.

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You can download Bee Bot App on your iOS devices from the Apple App Store.

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