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Bedtime Stories - Night Train

Help tired Esmitos go to sleep

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About Bedtime Stories - Night Train

Bedtime Stories - Night Train is a bedtime-story app for children aged between 2 and 6 years old.  Its thoughtful design combines entertainment with a restful quality perfect for ending the day.

The app is available on iOS and Android for a single purchase price.  It contains no advertisements, no in-app purchases and does not require a subscription.

Teacher Review

What is Bedtime Stories - Night Train app?

Bedtime Stories - Night Train app mixes an illustrated and animated bedtime story with simple interactions and bonus features. First, children explore the homes of the Esmitos, cute creatures that inhabit the app. Next, they visit the Night Train's carriages and prepare the inhabitants for bedtime as part of the story. Finally, the Night Train gently rolls on soothing children to sleep. 

As you'll see in this Bedtime Stories - Night Train app review, it provides a perfect bedtime experience. 

What we love about Bedtime Stories - Night Train

Bedtime Stories - Night Train is perfectly designed to comfort and amuse children as they drift off at night. The gentle activities and calming story are well-judged to catch children's attention while at the same time leading them into relaxation and sleep. 

The artwork is beautifully hand-drawn throughout, and it uses a warm colour palette and silhouettes to minimise the stimulating effects of using a screen. 

What skills does it improve?

The stories and activities are designed to be soothing rather than challenging, making it ideal for bedtime. Subtitles can accompany each story, whether parents read it aloud or the app narrates it. These words will help to reinforce reading skills. 

The app has a handy feature for children with dyslexia in the form of an option to use a dyslexia-friendly font for the subtitles. 

What age is it appropriate for?

Bedtime Stories - will be enjoyed by children between the ages of 2 and 6. As the app can narrate the story, in a clear and gentle voice, children's literacy skills need not spoil their enjoyment. 

Is Bedtime Stories - Night Train easy to use?

Children and parents will find the app easy to use. Certain sections are hidden behind a parental gateway and the volumes of the narration, music, and sound effects can all be set independently of each other. 

How will children benefit?

Unlike a book or other app-based stories, Bedtime Stories - Night Train has a lovely fade out from the story in the shape of the Night Train's silhouette gently travelling over the undulating tracks. The soft lights, repetitive movement, and dreamy sounds give children a focus as they drift off to sleep. 

How will parents benefit?

Bedtime Stories - Night Train gives parents another experience with which to share bedtime with their children. As part interactive app and part bedtime story, it is a fun alternative to a traditional storybook but not over-stimulating as other apps might be. 

The Night Train animation isn't just soothing for children but avoids parents having to reread the story to their kids if they haven't quite settled by the end of the main section. A setting in the options controls how long the animation continues to play.

What Bedtime Stories - Night Train can improve on?

Bedtime Stories - Night Train is an excellent alternative to a bedtime story. Adding features would be a mistake because it would harm the restful simplicity of the app. Of, course there will always be room for more stories of similar quality but criticising the app for this would be like complaining about a storybook only containing a single story. 

How much does Bedtime Stories - Night Train cost?

Bedtime Stories - Night Train is available as a single purchase which includes all of the content. There is no trial version. 

Is Bedtime Stories - Night Train safe to use?

Bedtime Stories - Night Train is both COPPA and GDPR compliant. It does not contain any advertisements or social media content. There is nothing in the app that might be inappropriate for children. 

Overall rating of the app

This is a delightful bedtime app for parents and children to share. As with many favourite stories, children will love to hear, see, and play Bedtime Stories - Night Train again and again. This reusability and its high quality throughout make Bedtime Stories - Night Train a highly recommended app for young children. It is awarded 5 stars.

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Schmugan AB

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  • Bedtime Stories - Night TrainBedtime Stories - Night TrainBedtime Stories - Night TrainBedtime Stories - Night TrainBedtime Stories - Night TrainBedtime Stories - Night TrainBedtime Stories - Night TrainBedtime Stories - Night TrainBedtime Stories - Night Train


Take your child aboard the Night Train and tuck the tired Esmitos into bed!
Visit a world where the sun never sets, meet dragons, unicorns, fairies and more.

User Feedback
"Super cosy and beautiful app." - The Csemiczky Family.

"Incredibly cosy app with excellent illustrations and the best storytelling." - The Erkendal Family.

"I just thought to tell you that my daughter has asked on several occasions if we can play the Night Train app instead of reading a book." - The Falck Family.

"Cosy and confident storytelling, he fell asleep after 11 minutes according to the sleep timer." - The Ragnerstam Family.

"My son absolutely loved the bedtime story. He really enjoyed watching the train, and he was a little hypnotised by it." - The Bucar Family.

The Night Train is a captivating bedtime story about tired characters ready for bed. Discover a magical world high up in the mountains where the Esmitos are waiting for the Night Train, that goes into the long and dark tunnel, an excellent place to fall asleep. Once aboard, they are ready to get tucked into bed; a task for kids 2-6 years old. Enjoy a soothing, sweet and funny bedtime routine together with your child!


Get tired
All animations are gentle and slow-paced, to mimic the movements of the body when tired.

Relax the eyes
Night mode design in warmer tones to protect the eyes during the bedtime routine.

Enhance positive emotions
Hand-drawn illustrations combined with real pictures trigger your child's imagination.

Your voice
Reading the story tenfold the cosiness and inspires your child's love for reading.

Increased readability
With a typeface designed against some common symptoms of dyslexia can help with reading the bedtime story.

Lullaby music
Original music and sound effects are dreamlike, and your child doesn't need to fall asleep in silence.

Drift off to sleep
When the story is finished, the sleep timer can help your child to drift off, listening to the lullaby and train sound.

Not yet ready for bed?
It's more than a bedtime story. While awaiting tuck-in time, your child can play with the Esmitos to fully enjoy this magical world.

Safe for Kids!
No ads or in-app purchases
Do not use push notifications.
No collection of location data or personal information
No connection to social media
It's COPPA and GDPR compliant.

Languages support
Fully narrated in English and Swedish.
Additional languages are coming soon.

About Schmugan
Schmugan is a one-person company, based in Stockholm, Sweden, wanting to help parents with kids 2-6 years to have a smoother bedtime routine with the Night Train app. Believing that apps for kids should be both fun and meaningful. Collaborating with creative people around the world to make meaningfun children entertainment.

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