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About Bedtime Stories - HeyKids

Bedtime Stories and Fairy Tales for Kids – HeyKids is a multi-lingual e-videobook, which recounts your favourite fairy tales and bedtime stories across a wide selection of different languages.  The app is targeted at babies, toddlers and young children allowing them to immerse themselves in a 3D animated world and bringing their imaginations to life.

It is available as a free download on iOS and Android; however, extended content can be purchased for a one-off cost of £6.99, or £1.99 per additional story.

Bedtime Stories - HeyKids Review

Bedtime Stories and Fairy Tales for Kids – HeyKids is exceptionally well presented with quality animations and audio features that will captivate you and your children.  As well as growing their imaginations, it will enrich their language development and vocabulary-base, encourage their engagement, attention, and conversation as well as heightening their self-awareness, appreciation for others and grant them an outlet for empathy.  The app, with its 3D animated fairy-tale videos is an immersive experience, offers a range of stories in 14 different languages, some of which are free, but the remaining will require in-app purchases to unlock.

What we love about Bedtime Stories and Fairy Tales for Kids – HeyKids

Vveee Media bring you a charming selection of beloved fairy tales across and impressive 14 different languages, which will captivate and enchant babies, toddlers, and young children alike. The high-quality 3D animations and audio narrations, driving the familiar plotlines draw us into a world where our imaginations can run wild and we can lose ourselves.  The app is aimed at the primary school-and-under market; however, the story and informative aspects will appeal to older readers as well; especially for those looking to extend their language knowledge and skills into the realm of familiar childhood stories. This multi-lingual app - 14 in total - is a fantastic way to familiarise you child with stories that transcend the generations. The visuals are simply stunning, and the audio voice-over is authentic in each of the languages the were reviewed here (English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese). From a language-learning perspective, the language will be far too advanced for any language beginners, yet therein does not lie the crux of the book – it strives to have readers embrace and relate to a familiar story in another language, allowing them to immerse themselves in fantasy.

The opening sequence allows you to choose the appropriate language, which then showcases a selection of familiar tales and stories. Each of the stories will need to be downloaded to your particular device in order to watch, as watching in the app itself is not possible. The potential inconvenience of taking up device memory is offset by having these stories available at any moment and offline. Initially you seem to be provided with two stories free-of-charge per language, with the option to purchase individual stories for £1.99, or the entire series for £6.99. Unfortunately, I suspect that this is payment pertains to each language individually, so those aspiring for multiple stories across multiple languages will be required to pay for these unlocks each time.  What will potentially soften such a financial blow is Vveee Media’s promise that there will be new stories and cartoons added each month.

Another strong feature is the app’s usability, functions, and control settings for parents. The app is incredibly straightforward to use and is clearly designed for small children.  Scrolling is completely intuitive, there are no unnecessary buttons or add-ons, and the screen lock will ensure that your child will only remain on the content of your choosing.  Further parental settings allow for auto-play features and subtitles (currently only available for English), among other features to enhance the audio experience.  Any ‘paid’ downloads are secured by a simple security algorithm whereby a numerical code must be entered in order access that part of the app – thereby reducing the possibility for accidental download costs accruing. Finally, these downloads can be managed in the ‘Download Manager’ settings, where you can delete downloaded stories should you need to free up space on your device.

Overall, it is an extremely well-presented app with quality 3D animation and audio features that will not only enrapture but also support your child’s emotional and cognitive development in the ways that only bedtime stories can.

Is Bedtime Stories and Fairy Tales for Kids – HeyKids easy to use?

Bedtime Stories and Fairy Tales for Kids – HeyKids is designed to have parents and/or carers select the content that they wish their child to watch.  They can, then, be confident in the fact that the app will read to their child in a safe and secure way.  It is intuitive and very easy-to-navigate.

What, Bedtime Stories and Fairy Tales for Kids – HeyKids, can improve on

There are very little areas for improvement as the audio and video element are of the highest quality, in my opinion.  The app interface is effective and easily navigated.  The only error that I could find was in the Spanish series, with the story of the “3 Little Pigs”, mistakenly being called “cabritillos” (little goats) instead of “cerditos” (little pigs).  However, when you begin the story, this is immediately remedied.

I would, also, like to see a wider range of subtitles across the language options, with the only current options being available for English.  That being said, with stories being regularly added and the app undergoing frequent updates, I would suspect that these amendments are not far away.

How much does the app cost?

Bedtime Stories and Fairy Tales for Kids – HeyKids is available free on the App and Play Stores, with a in-App purchases of all stories for £6.99, or on a story-by-story basis for £1.99 each.

The in-app purchases pertain to unlocking additional stories.

Is Bedtime Stories and Fairy Tales for Kids – HeyKids safe to use?

In my opinion, Bedtime Stories and Fairy Tales for Kids – HeyKids is extremely safe to use, with it being ad-free, the in-app purchases having basic parental controls, and the ability to amend setting requiring extra care and attention (maintaining a button pressed for 2 seconds) before they can be accessed.

Overall rating of the app

In conclusion, I would give Bedtime Stories and Fairy Tales for Kids – HeyKids a rating of 5-stars, according to Educational App Store ranking system.  As an app, its sole purpose is to make a range of bedtime stories and fairy tales available for a young audience in an engaging and pleasing way.  In this vein, it more than meets expectations and the quality of the interface alongside the ease-of-access sets it apart from many other similar apps.

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