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Beck and Bo

  • Android, iPad, iPhone
  • Paid
  • age 2+

About Beck and Bo

Beck and Bo is a great app for kids because it lets them learn by simply playing. Objects arrive in the scene that need to be sorted out. Kids can experiment with each object's placement by moving them around to see it clicks into its special place. 
Beck and Bo delights young children with a dynamic free play environment that always has a new surprise popping up. There is no pressure to complete each thematic area in a specific way, which is something we appreciate about the app. Enter to find 12 thematic scenes. Objects or questions are presented in each scene, one at a time, for kids to experience thematic vocabulary. As kids finish each scene they can then continue to play in the area or view each object in their own scrapbook. A fantastic app for playful discovery that understands how young children learn.

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Android, iPad, iPhone



Communication Skills


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Build beautiful, animated scenes with characters, objects and animals, play house and learn new words! Beck and Bo is a puzzle game and pretend play adventure that helps children become familiar with objects of their world while building early vocabulary. Play and explore with Beck and Bo as they go on a train trip with their beloved dog, swim in the ocean with a giant whale, visit the jungle and meet amazing animals, play at the theme park and do a whole lot of exciting activities!

Build 12 thematic scenes with fun activities for Beck and Bo to play in: beach, jungle, grocery store, train trip, snowman, ocean, back yard, theme park, river boating, playground, city, bedroom. Each scene is like a puzzle that you put together by dragging & dropping characters, animals and objects to appropriate places. Kids have to think logically to find out where the puzzle pieces go: the sun in the sky, the fish in the water etc. Piece by piece, a beautiful, lively scene filled with sounds, words and animations comes to life!

This fun educational app offers a whole host of scenarios for creative pretend play. Play house in the bedroom and the back yard, pick and match food at the grocery store, swing and slide at the playground. Kids will love to swim and play ball at the beach, control the traffic in the city, pick apples from the apple tree, win prizes at the theme park and so much more!

Explore and discover all the fun activities and interactions within a scene. Think creatively and experiment to find out how objects work in different places. "I wonder what would happen if I put the dog in the dog house?". "What if I put Beck on the boat?". "Does the ball float in water?".

Tap on any object or animal in the scene to listen to its name and sound. The boat toots, the lion roars, the bird chirps. Toddlers & preschoolers build vocabulary and learn new words in visual context while making strong connections. Once a scene is completed, kids are rewarded by unlocking a sticker album where they can view all the scene’s objects, see how their words are spelled and listen to their sounds.


  • Build and play house in 12 themed scenes with animated characters, animals & objects
  • City, beach, jungle, grocery store, back yard, playground & many more
  • Tap an object to hear its name, place it in the scene to animate it and hear its sound
  • Animals, vehicles, fruits, vegetables and everyday objects
  • More than 100 spoken words and sounds in visual context
  • 12 sticker albums showcasing objects, written words & sounds
  • Supports words in English and Swedish
  • Ideal for toddlers & preschoolers
  • Beautiful, cardboard-like artwork
  • Real-time physics


  • Learn first words through playful exploration
  • Enhance logic, creative thinking & puzzle solving skills
  • Practice cause and effect
  • Spark imagination with pretend play
  • Enhance spatial cognition and observation skills
  • Develop fine motor skills
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