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About Bebi Toddlers: Puzzle Games

Bebi Toddlers contains hundreds of mini-games with educational content designed for preschool kids. It covers many topics in its colourful and attractive activities, including letters, words and phonics. It also has simultaneous two-player games and creative activities.

You can download this app on iOS and Android for free, and it has enough content to see if it will suit your child before deciding to take out a monthly or yearly subscription.

Bebi Toddlers: Puzzle Games Review

What is Bebi Toddlers app?                                

Bebi Toddlers is full of mini-games and activities that are simple to play, superbly presented, varied, and educational. The app contains many different styles of game, further multiplied by their subjects and educational content, taking the total to over 500. The games are organised by the style of play and what they cover, making it easy for kids to access the ones they want through the main screen. 

Each game has a simple control method such as tracing, drag-and-drop, or tapping. 

What we love about Bebi Toddlers app.

Bebi Toddlers is beautifully designed and good fun for young kids. It introduces and develops key skills and knowledge to give kids a sound basis before starting school.

This type of app is usually described as containing mini-games, and this app has plenty of those, but it also has longer games than typical. For example, the balloon-popping games have multiple sections with additional steps linked to counting between the stages. These more closely replicate playing a 'normal' computer game and will appeal to many kids.

Two-player games on the same device are rare in educational apps, which is a pity as kids may share a device with a sibling. Bebi Toddlers has a few simultaneous two-player games that continue the learning but with some added competitive fun.

Young kids don't often have much awareness of the impact of their games on their surroundings. This makes Bebi Toddlers hiding away key settings behind a parent lock a great feature that we wish more apps replicated.

Kids can't suddenly activate the sound effects in an inappropriate place or get confused by changing the settings.

This leads on to another rarely seen feature that is welcome—left-handed mode.

Left-handers make up about 10% of the population, and the assumption of right-handed use can lead to difficulties. Activating this setting won't change every activity in the app, but where a child's left-handed use might obscure on-screen elements, it can make the game less frustrating.

Many apps full of games pull them in on an as-needed basis or let parents preload them, but this does not always suit apps for young kids. It is difficult to predict which activities they will want to play. 

Bebi Toddlers does not need a data connection as it stores everything on the device from the outset. This convenience does make for a large initial download, and it takes up a chunk of storage, but it is convenient and removes the chance of young kids being disappointed.

What skills does it improve?

Bebi Toddlers app covers a wide variety of early-learning skills and knowledge. These cover:

  • Sorting by size, shape and colour
  • Letters:  ABC, tracing and phonics
  • Numbers: tracing, and counting.
  • Learning about healthy food and animals, both wild and domestic
  • Creativity with early drawing and music activities

What age is it appropriate for?

Bebi Toddlers activities are suitable for 2 to 5-year-olds, although if starting a new subscription, we'd recommend that you do so for kids under 4.

Is Bebi Toddlers app easy to use?

Bebi Toddlers is very easy for young kids to use. The main menu groups activities behind animated and recognisable large icons that young fingers won't struggle to select, even on phone-sized screens.

The games and activities reward kids who experiment to learn them, but the app gives extra hints if it detects that kids are struggling.

How will kids benefit?

Young kids tend to respond well when they have a choice of activities, and Bebi Toddlers certainly provides that. With over 500 exercises, kids can decide whether to play old favourites or find new games. They can pick whether to be creative or learn about letters and numbers. When they want to play alone, the app will suit them as it will when they want to play with others.

The app's games lead kids through the learning material, such as the order of numbers, before asking kids to input answers, so it has elements of teaching and practice. The app is not stressful to play for kids because while it rewards success with graphical and aural effects, it just encourages kids to give it another go if they make a mistake.

How will teachers benefit?

Due to its target-age group, preschoolers, teachers are not primary users of the app, but it could be useful for childminders and preschool education providers. Kids who might not have ready access to technology at home can build up relevant skills in using mobile devices alongside growing their basic learning skills. 

How will parents benefit?

Bebi Toddlers is a safe, entertaining, and educational app. It covers many styles of play. Kids can use it independently, with a sibling or friend using the two-player modes, or sit and play it with parents as a shared learning experience.

For the amount of content you get and the variety, the subscription options are good value, and you should not need to buy more apps of this type for your child. As you can set your child's age in the settings, you can guide the app to provide an experience that closely matches your kid's educational needs.

What can Bebi Toddlers app improve on?

The app's title screen has an icon to prompt parents to review the app and another to share it with other parents. As the app puts its settings behind a parental lock, we'd like to see the app place these icons on the same screen.

This change would remove on-screen clutter, making the app look better for kids and less distracting.

How much does Bebi Toddlers app cost?

You can download Bebi Toddlers app for free. This version includes some of the activities for your kids to play while you decide whether the app is suitable for them. The example content reflects the quality of the premium app well, and together with this review of Bebi Toddlers, you should be able to form an opinion.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

Subscribing to the app unlocks more content for kids to play and the app's past updates show that it adds more of them regularly. You can choose to subscribe at a monthly rate or for a lower overall cost, yearly.

Is Bebi Toddlers app safe to use?

Bebi Toddlers doesn't display advertisements in the free or premium versions. It links to other apps by the developer, but these are behind a parental lock, as are the sharing and rating options. 

All of the content in the app viewed during this review was suitable for use by young children.

Overall rating of the app.

Bebi Toddler is hard to fault for a mini-game app aimed at toddlers. It has excellent presentation, fun games, learning content, and features not commonly found in its competitors. If you're looking for a preschool app, you'll probably have a shortlist you're building up. We recommend adding this five-star app to it and trying out the free download.

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