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The app has been created by the Apps for Good project. The app encourages reading and comprehension. Teachers have a separate login via a website and can create tailor-made questionnaires about the text. Pupils then answer the questions and can also contact teachers directly if they have any questions or difficulties with the questions. Once pupils have completed the questionnaires

Teachers are provided with a detailed breakdown of the pupils who have answered the questions and can provide feedback or extra explanations.

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Beat the Book is an app designed to encourage and support students working towards an English Literature qualification. The app is designed to turn reading into a fun activity, rewarding students for answering the questions set by their teacher with access to a fun game!

The class teacher has access to an easy to use web based application, allowing them to enter a series of multiple choice questions relating to the books they are studying in class.

The student creates a simple login, linking them to their teacher and allowing them to access the questions via their mobile device. Students can also send feedback directly to their teacher, removing any embarrassment they may feel admitting in front of classmates that they are struggling! Answering a minimum of 10 question correctly gives the student access to a fun game!

Teachers are then provided with a detailed breakdown of the student who have answered questions, the list of questions answered correctly and incorrectly allowing them to identify common misconceptions.

“My app helps get students to read by giving them a game to play as a reward for reading and understanding the books set by their teacher. By learning about how I could solve a problem using technology, I’m now interested in IT and might even work it in when I’m older,” said David.

Beat the Book won the Apps for Good Learning category sponsored by Nesta. It meets a real need amongst young people who don’t enjoy reading.

It was designed by David from St Matthew Academy in Lewisham, in response to his own frustration with reading.

The app can used by teachers to support and encourage curriculum reading – teachers input questions, students answer them through a game on their phones, thus encouraging students to read by gamifying the experience and enabling teachers to track their progress. Students can also communicate directly with their teacher in this less intimidating environment if they are struggling.

For the Student: You download the app and then create an account with your "School name" This will give you access to the games available from your school.

This app is developed by Injoit.

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