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  • age 18+
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About Be Focused

BeFocused Pro is a Pomodoro timer app for iOS that allows you to capture tasks in a customized timer that will help you stay focused and get things done. 

Be Focused Review

Be Focused Pro is our favorite pomodoro app for iOS. It has a simple and clean user interface that provides easy access to your timers and provides enough additional features without creating clutter that give it enough power to fit just about any workflow.

There’s basic task list integration in Be Focused that allows you to identify what you’re working on inside the app, but it’s not going to help you manage any big projects. Still, it is nice to see what you have to do as well as what you’ve completed, and clicking the check mark when you’ve completed a task is very satisfying.

Be Focused also offers some basic reports to track your progress. You can view reports for all tasks or a specific task and use a custom date range to filter visual data. You can also see the work intervals you’ve finished, number of completed tasks, and total duration. All of these are updated in real time.

Is Be Focussed app free?

Be Focused is available as a free app in the iOS and Mac App Store, but the pro version is $4.99. While most of the features and functionality are available in the free version, the Pro version does have a couple of killer features that make it worth the upgrade.

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iPad, iPhone





Organisational and Productivity Skills


In-App Purchases - Yes

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Denys Ievenko

Download Be Focused

You can download Be Focused on your iOS devices from the Apple App Store.

Download Be Focusedfor iOS

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