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About BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize is one of the most popular tools for at-home learning, and their app is a great tool as well. BBC Bitesize has material for all school years and all ages, and the information is all tailored towards the National Curriculum. Interactive quiz’s make learning fun and a bit different, and videos will help to engage visual learners too, as well as adding a bit of fun into the homeschooling day.

BBC Bitesize - Revision Review

What is BBC Bitesize?

BBC Bitesize is for 14-16 year olds in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. It contains subjects for GCSEs, National 4, National 5, Higher and TGAU. BBC Bitesize has all the info you need to prepare for math, English, and other exams you may need to pass. All the exams are split into sections and it’s easy to find educational materials for the one that you need. All the info is also categorized by chapters so if you want to study a certain theme you can easily do that. BBC Bitesize is among the popular revision apps in UK.

Is it any good?

All BBC Bitesize content, whether Study Guide content on the web or in the app, or Flashcards in the app, is created by exam board-specific experts in the relevant curriculum field. You can search for keywords and themes if you just want to find some info for your homework. BBC Bitesize also has lots of flashcards you need to memorize some information quickly. There’s also lots of info in the forms of graphs and vids for better perception. Therewith, you can try quizzes and tests with time limits to examine you knowledge.

Furthermore, BBC Bitesize has glossary cards for the cases when you need to remember definitions. You can add the cards and the topics you want to reread into favorites for quick access. You can also set up the notifications and the app will remind you to go back to studying after a particular period of rest. The same thing goes for reminders to regularly practice that show up every day.

How it will benefit?

The feature I like the most is you can see all your subjects in one place which makes it very easy to use. This application provides you the customized revision content according to your Nation, Language, subjects, and exam which is very useful for students.

If you are very tight on Time you can use Flashcards on the go to revise your memory rapidly. Quizzes, Glossary Flashcards & video help you to revise everything in a very short amount of time.


It’s an entirely free app, so no need to worry about any extra charges.

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As you know some topics consume too much time but BBC Bitesize makes it very simple, you can watch simple videos that cover tricky topics to understand easily. With the help of Infographics, you can remember key facts.

To sum up, if you have exams coming, give the BBC Bitesize app a try.

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The BBC Bitesize is just the app for you if you’re 14-16 and studying for your GCSEs, TGAU, Nationals or Highers.

BBC Bitesize is available for smartphones and tablets and has the key information you need, broken down into brilliant bite-sized chunks, wherever and whenever you need it. It’s completely free and there are no in-app purchases.

It now includes Flashcards for the new 9-1 GCSEs in Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Sign in to set your subjects and exam board and you’ll only see the stuff that’s relevant to you.

Revision Guides give you on-the-go access to the usual Bitesize life-savers: packed with the information you need for exam success.

Flashcards come in decks. They’re a fast way to get the most important info into your head: with summaries, glossaries, videos, infographics, quizzes and quotes. Tests and Notifications to help you keep up your studies. We’ll remind you to come back and continue testing yourself – remember practicing regularly makes it easier to remember important information.

What’s in BBC Bitesize

The BBC Bitesize – revision app allows you to pick your subjects and exam board so that every time you use the app, you’ll only find the stuff you’re studying

On-the-go revision

Only got a few minutes? Use our Flashcards to refresh your memory. They come in lots of handy formats for you to swipe through:

  • Summary: get to the most important bits fast with bullet point reminders
  • Video: watch even the trickiest topics explained in simple clips
  • Infographics: help the key facts stick in your head with visual cues
  • Quizzes: test your knowledge and see what you need to brush up on
  • Glossary: all the words you need to know at-a-glance

Get stuck in

If you’ve got a bit more time on your hands, you can access BBC Bitesize revision guides from the website, optimised for your mobile.

To give you the best experience, this app tracks your selected nation, language, subjects and exam specifications to provide you with customised revision content. The app uses technologies similar to performance cookies. The BBC uses these for internal purposes to analyse and improve the app and its content. You can choose to opt out of this from the in-app settings menu.

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