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About BattleText - Chat Battles

Do you feel the need for speed? Think you have the fastest thumbs around? Maybe BattleText is the online multiplayer word game for you! This is what happens when you enter a text message battlefield, gamifying the chat experience for the crown of fastest texter. Come up with longer words and type them more quickly than your opponent.

Multiplayer game rounds feature different rules and restrictions. For example, the last letter of your opponent’s word must then be the first letter of your word. Or, another round might eliminate certain letters from your keyboard, or you may be forced to include certain letters in your word. Download it via the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

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  • BattleText - Chat BattlesBattleText - Chat BattlesBattleText - Chat BattlesBattleText - Chat BattlesBattleText - Chat Battles