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Basic Sequences | ColorCards

About Basic Sequences | ColorCards

A visually and audibly stimulating app aimed at students with speech and language difficulties (SALT). The app uses sixteen 3-step sequences of cards of differing everyday activities such as wrapping a present, making a bed. The student has to re-arrange the cards on the correct order. The teacher, speech therapist, teaching assistant or parent can give as much help as needed in order for the correct sequence to be made. The student’s verbal response can also be recorded. The app can be used one-to-one or in small groups and can be personalised by the teacher creating their own cards. There are 3 games to choose from Ordering, Predicting and Describing. There is a full reporting facility which can be emailed or shared. A separate account can be set up for each student needing only the basic of information. All of this functionality can be accessed via a single page settings page. There is a very comprehensively written in-app user guide.

Teacher Review

This app is aimed at those students with established or statemented educational needs requiring speech and language therapy (SaLT). Students are encouraged to not just put the sixteen 3-step cards in the correct order, but also to talk and explain what and why they are doing it. This can be done as a one-to-one or in small groups. The activity of each student both results and their audio file is also used as part of the assessment. The person supervising the activity makes the decision as to how much help the student needed with each sequence and needs to select the appropriate button to reflect this at the end of each 3-card sequence. When this sequence is completed there is a very nice visual reward in a short animated sequence of the cards performing sporting tasks.

The colour scheme is fully controllable via the in-app settings page. This is a very good function as some of the students may be already using colour acetates when they are reading printed texts. This helps immensely with helping each individual student engage in a way that they can control. What is also of great value is the ability to aggregate the reports in a number of way. It is also possible to fully customise the way app presents the cards to the student in each of the three sections of predicting, ordering and describing.

Within the settings is the ability to visit three social networks of the ColorCards suite of apps. This may be restricted when used in some schools as lots of schools tend to use a filter due to the age restrictions of the EULA of the social networks and to eSafety policies created to protect children and vulnerable adults.

There is no collaboration available within this app. This is a bit of oversight as collaboration is used quite a bit what is termed the flipped or blended classrooms. The use of collaboration could create a competitive edge to it. This is very good for engaging boys. Taken further collaboration could lead to gamification of the app itself. There could be a better sharing capability of the app through integration of a school’s own VLE/LMS or other system such Google Drive, Dropbox, Edmodo etc.

With regards to pricing the cost of the app may be a little prohibitive is bought on a large scale for an organisation. With this in mind the 50% volume purchase deal is of great value to any institution.

Having worked in a SEN school environment for a number of years I can only say that if an institution has iPad/iOS then they really should be using this app. It will engage their students and enable their educators to accurately plan the progression of their students.

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‘If an institution has iPad/iOS then they really should be using this app. It will engage their students and enable their educators to accurately plan the progression of their students.’ (5* Review, Educational App Store)

ColorCards Basic Sequences has sixteen 3-step sequences, which have been tried and tested with children and adults who have speech and language difficulties. Personalize by creating and adding your own sequences. Can you arrange the images in the right order? Touch the screen to move the pictures into the correct sequence.

Basic Sequences shows well-known everyday activities and is an essential tool in your kit, for working on sequencing skills, logical thought, observation skills, expressive language, vocabulary, and communication skills.

Basic Sequences is designed to support speech-language pathologists, speech-and-language therapists, educators, and home-based learning. Use one-on-one, with small groups, or in a classroom setting.

Personalize by adding your own image sequences from routines at home or at school. Use Basic Sequences to pre-teach the curriculum or target your students’ needs by introducing new sequences.

Use the reporting to track and measure your student’s progress. Share feedback at the school or with parents.

Record your students, play back, or download audio files to track progress.

Choose from three games
• Ordering - the student arranges three randomized images into the right sequence.
• Predicting - the student is asked to discuss what is happening in the sequence and predict what will happen next. Record the prediction and play back with the student.
• Describing - the student is encouraged to describe what is happening with each image. Playback the audio recording to work on self-monitoring and evaluation skills.

• 3-step sequences using tried-and-tested photos
• Create and add your own sequences to personalize
• Use one-on-one, with small groups or in the classroom
• Use the built-in microphone to record audio, play back and download
• Comprehensive reporting tool to monitor progress over time
• Download reports and share
• Cool ColorCards animations make this app rewarding and motivating for learners of all ages
• Visual and auditory feedback helps support learning
• Practical auditory support
• Progress wheel to help with monitoring

About ColorCards apps
Speechmark’s ColorCards apps are engaging and effective professional tools designed to help develop speech, language, and social skills. Our resources have been successfully supporting speech and language therapists and educators for over 30 years. ColorCards Apps– Get everybody talking!

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