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About Barbie Magical Fashion

Barbie Magical Fashion is an app that lets kids enjoy their games with Barbie dolls fusing their imagination. 

Barbie Magical Fashion Review

What do we like about Barbie Magical Fashion?

Barbie Magical Fashion Dress Up is a themed dress-up app for children. The objective is to customise outfits and backgrounds for various Barbie characters. The skills required are motor skills, comprehension, and listening skills.

What skills does it improve?

Barbie Magical Fashion helps kids to induce their creative spirit and imagination. 

What age is it appropriate for?

Barbie Magical Fashion is appropriate for kids up to the age of 12. 

Is Barbie Magical Fashion free?

Barbie Magical Fashion is available for free on all iOS devices. 

Is Barbie Magical Fashion easy to use?

Players are given a short instruction after the app launches and are informed about a number of character customization options, including hair and makeup, shoes, clothing, and whether to be a human, a unicorn, or a mermaid. Players are greeted by a full-screen advertisement for another Barbie game by the same developers after the tutorial video concludes. This advertisement needs to be manually closed. Players are presented with a picture of Barbie on the app's home screen, and she is wearing a plain white outfit. Barbie's various body parts can be touched to change this. By doing so, the user is guided through areas and urged to dress Barbie differently and apply makeup.

How will students benefit?

The user is directed to a full-screen popup asking them to choose between choosing wings or a cape for their character at one point in the dressing minigame. Choosing either option will direct the player to a page where they must buy additional stuff in order to proceed.

Players can sign their names and save a picture of the customised princess after customising her. Upon finishing a princess, a screen ad that needs to be manually closed occurs. Players are prompted to enter numbers into a lock screen that is based on written words after tapping the advertising.

How will parents benefit?

The parent's portion is in the top right corner. Users are required to input their birth year within this. This offers options like the developer on Facebook, entering an email address to receive emails from the developer, and browsing a "parent's album" of Barbies created within the programme. The app frequently displays boxes to the gamer. By tapping on them, a minigame where players can customise Barbie's attire, hairstyle, and makeup is launched. 

What can Barbie Magical Fashion improve on?

Barbie Magical Fashion lacks real options to offer.

How much does Barbie Magical Fashion cost?

Other downloadable content packs are available for the player to buy. The cost of these packs varies, from $9.99 for a single pack to $22.99 for a pack that includes all four of the downloadable extras.

Final thoughts

Future fashionistas can design many styles for their princess in the virtual princess dressing-up game Barbie: Magical Fashion. The player chooses their princess, and then customises her appearance by choosing everything from her hairstyle and colour to the design of her dazzling jewels.

Children in Barbie: Magical Fashion may save the styles they design, which is entertaining. Due to the numerous in-app purchases and constant advertising, Barbie: Magical Fashion is only suitable for children under the supervision of parents.

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