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About Barbie™ Fashion Closet

The Barbie Fashion Closet app is a dress-up game experience for kids to create and customize their very own Barbie characters. Barbie Fashion Closet is available for free on all iOS devices. 


Barbie™ Fashion Closet Review

What do we like about Barbie Fashion Closet?

The user can choose from a variety of Barbie characters to use the app. The app is lively, so when a Barbie is chosen from a lineup, she makes a slight movement, smiles, and waves. While some Barbies are only accessible through an in-app purchase, which is reflected by the figure being somewhat greyed-out and overlaid with a lock icon, the user can scroll right and left to see other Barbies to choose from.

What skills does it improve?

After choosing an avatar, the user can next customise their appearance with things like makeup, hair, and clothing. The user can pick a haircut, for instance, and then select from various hair colour hues, applying the shade by tapping the head or applying lipstick or eyeshadow with their finger.

What age is it appropriate for?

Barbie Fashion Closet is appropriate for kids ages 6-8.

Is Barbie Fashion Closet free?

Barbie Fashion Closet is available for free on all iOS devices. 

Is Barbie Fashion Closet easy to use?

The user is prompted to select a setting and a position for their Barbie after it has been fully created. An image is taken, and the user can then add more customization by selecting from a variety of Instagram-style filters. Users can access all of their previous works by clicking an album icon on the home screen; these can then be downloaded to their camera roll and shared with others.

How will students benefit?

An appealing, playful design of the Barbie Fashion Closet app will appeal to a younger audience. The app is easy to use even for younger audiences thanks to its vibrant colour scheme, big buttons, and legible writing. In order to keep the experience interesting and to encourage the user to stick with their modification decisions, the app makes good use of animation. A fun app created for the entertainment and arts sectors is called Barbie Fashion Closet.

What can Barbie Fashion Closet improve on?

Barbie Fashion Closet has some dolls locked that can be accessed only with in-app purchases. 

How much does Barbie Fashion Closet cost?

Barbie Fashion Closet is available free of cost with some in-app purchases. 

Final thoughts

Barbie Fashion Closet is an app that helps kids enjoy their time with the best dolls and accessories in the app. The app helps to ignite the spirit of the kids in imagination and enhance their creative thoughts and skills. 

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