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About BandBlast

BandBlast is an app for supporting beginning music students' developing music skills. 

Teacher Review

First, kids create an avatar, choose an instrument (options are Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Clarinet, Flute, Viola, Violin,  Cello, Double Bass, Trumpet,  and Trombone), and pick a "Blastophone" (a whimsical instrument for their avatar to hold on screen). Missions let users progress step by step through 20 missions, or multi-step lessons that teach the basics of each instrument through videos and two games. Kids can earn stars for completing different tasks like watching the video, answering comprehension questions correctly, and then playing through the games without errors. In Play A Game, kids can jump straight into the two games: Rhythm (where users tap out the correct rhythm as it scrolls by on screen) and Pitch (where users must play the correct note on their instrument to shoot a ball and match it with similarly colored spheres). Watch a Video lets users skip straight to the video selections for that instrument. The videos all live online, so be sure you have a consistent internet connection.

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Blast your way into becoming a musician with BandBlast!

BandBlast is an interactive, easy-to-use curriculum based learning tool for anyone who wants to learn how to play an instrument. BandBlast is completely free with no in-app purchases, no mandatory data collection or no advertisements. BandBlast contains fun and innovative rhythm and pitch games, real life studio recording capabilities, and instructional videos from some of the top Philharmonic and studio musicians in the world. BandBlast is a well thought out and executed learning system that follows first year band and orchestra curriculums. BandBlast will teach you how to play violin, flute, cello, tenor sax, alto sax, viola, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, guitar, and double bass.

BandBlast contains 4 different elements:
(1) With 10 different instruments and over 250 instructional videos taught by some of the greatest musicians in the world you will get step by step lessons on how to play your instrument. These videos lessons will cover the basics, learning your first notes, reading music, and playing some of the most popular songs ever written. This is your chance to learn and play with a pro. We will be translating the videos into multiple languages.

(2) The rhythm game is an exciting journey thru a world of ancient ruins and mystic as you jump over pitfalls and danger. Follow the rhythms above, tapping the screen for the appropriate length of each note and save your character from the spikes below. This is a fun and engaging tool to learn how to count, follow the beat, learn whole, half, quarter, eighth notes and rests, listen to the music, and develop coordination skills.

(3) The pitch game improves your ability to learn the notes on an instrument and work on ear training. A mix between Space Invaders and Tetris the pitch game requires you to match the notes on the screen to the correct pitches on your instrument and then you have to BLAST away the descending wall of notes. Make sure to shoot quickly as the rocks are falling fast and they will crush you if you're not careful. The more accurate you play and match the notes, the quicker you advance to the next level!

(4) The recording studio lets you record your own music for free! With over 40 backing tracks you to can play along with the world's best Philharmonic and studio musicians. Just like a recording studio, put your headphones on, adjust the volume of all the instruments, choose one of 8 different drum beats (funk, jazz, classical, hip hop, house music, rock, country, and bossa nova), hit record and away you go. Try as many times as you want to get the perfect mix and share with friends, family or music teacher.

Play in Mission Mode which combines and mixes up the four features on BandBlast features. Collect points and try to get a high score as you watch the videos, play the rhythm game, play the pitch game, and record songs. This is a fun and innovative way to teach you the value of music with a hands on approach. You are guaranteed to be challenged as you make the journey thru the 20 different missions and countless adventures.

Because there are no ads, mandatory data collection, or in-app purchases, BandBlast is a safe way to get quality music education in the classroom or at home. Perfect for students, teachers, music programs, and schools! BandBlast is provided by Music Lifeboat whose goal is to provide access to millions that may not have access to music education and to help better support teachers, schools, and communities through the power of music.

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