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About BandBlast

BandBlast is an app for supporting beginning music students' developing music skills. 

BandBlast Review

First, kids create an avatar, choose an instrument (options are Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Clarinet, Flute, Viola, Violin,  Cello, Double Bass, Trumpet,  and Trombone), and pick a "Blastophone" (a whimsical instrument for their avatar to hold on screen). Missions let users progress step by step through 20 missions, or multi-step lessons that teach the basics of each instrument through videos and two games. Kids can earn stars for completing different tasks like watching the video, answering comprehension questions correctly, and then playing through the games without errors. In Play A Game, kids can jump straight into the two games: Rhythm (where users tap out the correct rhythm as it scrolls by on screen) and Pitch (where users must play the correct note on their instrument to shoot a ball and match it with similarly colored spheres). Watch a Video lets users skip straight to the video selections for that instrument. The videos all live online, so be sure you have a consistent internet connection.

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Music Lifeboat

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