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About Bamboo Paper - Notebook

Bamboo Paper is an app that functions as a digital notebook. Kids can customize the colour of the notebook's cover and add a title. They then can use it as they would a pen-and-paper notebook, drawing or writing on the pages as well as adding images or saved documents.

Bamboo Paper - Notebook Review

What do we like about Bamboo Paper?

With the extra benefit of being simple to share and store across device platforms, this multipurpose app may be used exactly like a traditional pen-and-paper notepad. Each notebook has 100 potential pages, making it capable of holding a lot of data, and the option to add images to the pages increases its adaptability.

What skills does it improve?

Going paperless is possible with a digital notepad. Students have a lot of versatility when sketching and writing because of the variety of tools and personalization choices.

What age is it appropriate for?

Bamboo Paper is appropriate for students in grades 3-12.

Is Bamboo Paper free?

Bamboo Paper is available for free to download on all Android and iOS devices. 

Is Bamboo Paper easy to use?

Children can make as many notebooks as they want, giving each one a unique title and cover colour. Each notebook can accommodate up to 100 pages. It is possible to share both certain pages and a full notebook.

How will students benefit?

For each subject area, students can design notebooks that they can use to take notes and save attachments. Even worksheets and handouts can be finished and saved to journals by students. The application can be used by students to keep a daily notebook where they can include photographs. 

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers can use Bamboo Papers in a variety of ways, setting it differently from more specialised note-taking or drawing tools. The worksheets are simply saved as photos by the teachers, after which the students upload them to their devices and annotate the photographs with answers or notes. The journals could then be shared by the students with their teachers for review and feedback. While keeping all materials arranged and accessible, teachers might use their diaries as planning and reflection tools.

What can Bamboo Paper improve on?

Bamboo Paper's lack of landscape or palm-cancelling options makes handwriting difficult.

How much does Bamboo Paper cost?

Bamboo Paper is available free of cost.

Final thoughts

The app can be used by teachers and students in the same manner that a conventional paper notepad is used, but with an extra digital zing. Bamboo offers amazing file-sharing options, including Twitter and Evernote. The note appears in the writing area as a photo when shared through email. The beautiful part about it is that students could just paste the notes on the email screen and add a question if they were unsure about something but did not want to inquire right away.

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