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Balancing Act

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Teacher Overview

The husband and wife team producing these apps have created a series of lovely tools that will really help kids to become more “naturally” mathematical. The learning outcomes are set out very clearly in each app so that parents/teachers can guide kids with the mathematical concepts as they use the apps.  They are fantastic resources and we have given them an EAS Certification of 5 Stars and EAS Recommended Status. 

Teacher Review

Balancing Act is an amazing game made up of three levels that challenges children to add, subtract, multiply and divide in order to create the number at the end of the equation. On the left hand side of the equation, the learner is given a series of numbers and he/she must make sure that the correct numbers and operations are chosen in order to come to the right conclusion; in other words, so that the equation balances out!

The first level only looks at addition and subtraction; the second level looks at addition, subtraction and multiplication, the third level include division into the mix. The app teachers kids to link into the order of operations so as to get to the right answer correctly. 

If the learner gets the answer wrong, he/she is given the chance to try again.

The best way to get a lot out of this app is to follow along with your child so that you can help and explain any of the concepts.  Teachers can also use it in the classroom in order to promote discussion about the order of operations and the numbers that will balance the equation out. 

The illustrations within the app are very well done. As a suggestion, we would love to see the girl move about, wobble and balance out as the learner progresses with the work, it would make the whole app rather more interactive and entertaining. However, once again, works due to its simplicity and ability to really drill on a basic yet important concept. 

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Publisher's Description

How to play
The Balancing Act game challenges the player has to make an arithmetic equation balance by choosing where to put the addition, subtraction, multiplication or division signs. When the operations have been placed, tap the Check button to see if the expression is correct and the equation balances.

Well done if the equation balances! But don’t worry if the expression is wrong. Have another go and get it right next time.

Play at three levels
Balancing Act can be played at three levels. At Level 1, only the operations of + and – are needed to complete the expression. At Level 2 there is a choice of +, – or ×. At Level 3 any of the four operations, +, –, × or ÷, might be needed to complete the expression.

Order of Operations
The player needs to know the order of operations when choosing where to put them. Multiplication and division are done first, so 5 + 3 × 4 = 17 and not 32 because the multiplication 3 × 4 = 12 is done before the addition 5 + 3.

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