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About BabySparks

BabySparks is baby milestone app to support development in children 0-2 years through meaningful play. The program includes more than 1300 video-based activities and development milestones. The app is available to download for free on iOS and Android. It is also available in English and Spanish. 

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BabySparks Review

BabySparks App Features

How to create a profile for your baby at BabySparks app

  • Using the information, BabySparks suggests 8-10 activities every day to support your child’s development across each critical area
  • If your baby was premature, BabySparks calculates the child’s adjusted age and modifies the activities accordingly.
  • You can add up to 5 children in the app.
  • You can share your child’s program with up to 5 devices. This would allow each parent, a child care provider, grandparents, or other family members to all have access to and to address the BabySparks program at the same time. The app will sync across the devices for your child. For example, dad may complete 2 activities in the morning, the nanny will complete 5 activities during the day, and mom can finish out the last 1-3 activities of the program in the evening. All the information is shared.

What we like about BabySparks

Age is only the starting point. All children develop differently, for this reason after doing each activity the app asks you if it was ‘ok,’ ‘too easy’ or ‘too difficult.’ Using this information, BabySparks learns and optimizes itself to address each child’s specific development needs.

You can also browse activities based on your child’s specific needs, instead of using the daily program. For example, if you want to provide extra support in speech, ideas for the park or to encourage efforts to learn to crawl then chances are BabySparks has an activity for it. *You can browse based on development category, place/location or milestone.

The progress summary section, keep tracks of all the information that you provide BabySparks and in a friendly, graphic way. It displays a snapshot of your baby’s development progress at any point. The summary gives you information for the peace of mind that everything is going great. If your child is experiencing an area of challenge, it will help you identify the need so that you can react sooner.

Milestones are grouped by month and linked to the activities, so when you are doing an activity you realize what milestone you are supporting and if that milestone has been already reached.

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You can download BabySparks on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the BabySparks app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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