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From the Developer

The MOST-LOVED-APP by MOTHERS from all around the world!


Do your lovely babes/toddlers play with your phone? TOUCH any buttons, CALL your friends, send MESSAGES in cipher, and REMOVE your favorite contacts?

But don't take their pleasure away. Instead, let them satisfy their curiosity with BabyApps. They can touch pretty ICONs, CALL somebody, make a NOTE and play GAMEs and PIANO!!

BabyApps contains the followings:

✿ Flashcards: 64 Flashcards in Android style

✿ Dial-a-Phone: colorful toy phone with great sound of numbers

✿ Letter-Board: cute alphabet note with cool sounds

✿ Color Piano: Learn color names playing piano!

✿ Quizzing: 20-level quiz for your baby!!

✓ Compatible with 480x800 pixel (WVGA) resolution devices only.

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