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Baby Speak aims to enhance the vocabulary of small children in order to encourage their communication skills and speed of communication learning. The app receives an EAS Certification of 4.

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The apps incorporate 26 simple words into that so that very young toddlers can begin to learn the basic words that will enhance their interactivity with their surroundings.

The creators of the app argue that sometimes very young children don’t know how to communicate and so can perform a series of actions that the adults must interpret (for example, when they finish eating they might just throw their bowl on the floor). Therefore, if adults can encourage them to learn the basic words for “all done” (in this case), they will begin to associate the words with their actions and also, with the pictures within the app.

The app is laid out in a very simple way.  There are 4 levels that you can go through with your child in order to practice the word. The first looks at a few words with the word and its accompanying picture on only page. The second level adds some more words and places 2 words with their accompanying pictures on the same page. The third level places four words with pictures per page and the fourth level showcases the all 26 words.

The words are very simple and include things such as “my turn, yes, no, all done, help, bye, hi”.... 

We think that in order to get the most out of this app, parents should communicate and talk as much as possible with their children. Learning communication is a personal experience and all children will develop in their own time. As long as the child feels comfortable and with parents/guardians who are constantly engaging with them, they will tune their ears and begin to communicate back. Children learn how to speak by hearing other adults speak.

This app is great because it helps to reinforce key words that will further specific engagement and specific communications that will reiterate what the baby wants and to also reinforce the bond between child and adult.

It is very simple and yet, effective!

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As your child begins to grow, crawl and walk – they also begin attempting to communicate with you. Sometimes children know what they want to say, but they just haven’t learned how to talk yet. Often, this can become frustrating for children… and their parents! Baby Speak can help! This unique app features 26 essential words for children and their parents to use when communicating with each other. Parents will have access to some of the most common words children want to use when they are learning to speak.

When toddlers are unable to effectively verbally communicate their wants and needs, they may exhibit behaviour problems as a way to express themselves. For example, imagine a child sitting in his high chair. He is finished eating, but has not yet developed the ability to say “all done”. He might communicate that he is finished by throwing food on the floor, whining, or crying. With Baby Speak, this child could be prompted to tap “all done” as an alternative to engaging in disruptive behaviour.

With Baby Speak, your child will have access to important first words, such as: Yes…No…More…Help…All Done—all creatively designed with colourful illustrations to capture your child’s interest. Baby Speak is easy to use. It displays 26 “first words” which are paired with a corresponding picture. You and/or your child can tap on the image, and it will speak the word in a natural, clear-sounding child’s voice. Not only can Baby Speak assist your child in communicating and interacting with you; it can help your child begin the process of learning to talk. Baby Speak was proudly developed by parents for parents!

Features of Baby Speak:
- Available for Android smart phones & tablets,
- Can be presented in single-word format, word-pairs, or 4 words per page.
- Recorded voice with excellent speech clarity and voice quality.
- Easily navigate from page to page by touching the bars located at each side of the screen or the ‘home’ page button.
- Clear and simple visuals

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