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About Baby Shark World for Kids

Baby Shark World for Kids is a safe and entertaining, educational app containing over 5,000 songs, videos and special learning games for children aged two to six years old. Through the YouTube star, Baby Shark, children can discover a creative world full of interesting and educational themes based on the Shark Family. They will explore Phonics and Numbers, Colours and Shapes, Dinosaurs and more.

The app is full of bright colours and contains high quality audio and visuals throughout. The safe, interactive activities such as the Baby Shark talking game and high-quality nursery rhyme sing-along videos like the Baby Shark remix song make this app an engaging, educational tool for children.

A subscription to the app opens up access to other popular games from Pinkfong and also allows the account to be shared between six family members so that the whole family can use the app with the child. 

Baby Shark World for Kids Review

What we love about Baby Shark World for Kids

Baby Shark World for Kids brings children into an exciting and creative world of characters, videos, games and activities, allowing them to have fun while increasing their brain development.

Some key features of the app are the ability to get personal recommendations – select your favourite topics and you will be recommended activities to play. You can also star your favourite videos and games enabling you to replay them whenever you want. You can save searching time by viewing the history in the app to see what your child played most recently and track your child’s development milestones. 

The app even encourages the child to interact with the shark using the devices microphone to have the shark repeat back what the child has just said. The child can then dance and feed the shark!

The variety of games, activities and songs is vast ensuring that the app can be used time and time again.

What skills does it improve?

The app teaches concepts such as healthy eating and games like ‘Healthy Habits’, illustrates how to brush your teeth correctly. Children have the opportunity to explore Phonics and Numbers, Colours and Shapes, Dinosaurs, Special Events and more.

Reading is encouraged throughout much of the app with words displayed at the bottom of each song alongside specific reading activities.

A major benefit of the app is the high quality audio throughout. There are a huge variety of sing-along videos that the child can get to know and join in with, helping them to develop a sense of pitch and rhythm in an interactive way.

What age is it appropriate for?

Baby Shark World for Kids is suitable for children from two to six years old.

Is Baby Shark World for Kids easy to use?

Baby Shark World for Kids is easy to use. The layout is clear and straightforward for a fast and easy experience. Everything is displayed visually with limited text so that children can easily see and understand what videos they want to access.

With a subscription, recently played games and videos can easily be accessed and material downloaded for offline use.

How will students benefit?

Students will enjoy learning without realising it! Learning is happening throughout the engaging activities in the app. However, the colourful visuals, songs and interactive games mean that the child will be focused on exploring the creative world and the learning will happen subliminally!

Students will develop and reinforce all the key knowledge related to their stage of learning in a fun and interactive way through this app.

How will parents benefit?

Parents will appreciate this app because, on the surface, it seems like a purely fun, game based app for children but in reality, it is helping the child develop their cognitive abilities. It is easy for parents to introduce this educational app to their children and is free to download and try out to assess the child’s engagement.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers could use this app for sing-alongs in class encouraging reading, alongside developing musical skills. Teachers can also use it as a fun way to introduce and help students practice aspects of the curriculum such as numbers, colours, shapes, phonics and more.

When tested there was a slight delay with the playback of the microphone in the Baby Shark talking game which could be improved.

How much does Baby Shark World for Kids cost?

Baby Shark World for Kids is free to download and you can use many of the apps functions straight away.

With a subscription to the Pinkfong Plus Membership plan, you can gain unlimited access to a multitude of the most popular apps by Pinkfong, including Baby Shark World for Kids. The subscription costs £8.99 per month or £99.99 for an annual subscription and all content is ad-free. The added benefit is that this account can then be shared between six family members. A subscription also allows for content to be downloaded for offline use and recent, favourite videos to be easily accessed.

Is Baby Shark World for Kids safe to use?

Yes. There is a parents only section for the account sign in and purchases. Sign in is not required to use the app. The app's privacy policy and terms of service are included in the 'Settings' section on the app.

We think Baby Shark World could improve on:

The app is engaging and educational and fully meets its intended aims.

Overall rating of the app:

I would highly recommend this app to any parents who are looking for a fun and visually stimulating selection of games, songs and activities for their child. The Baby Shark theme of the app is popular among all children and links all of the content together cohesively. The high quality audio will also help your child to sing along and improve their musical skills while they learn!

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