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Baby's Musical Hands

  • Android, iPad, iPhone
  • Paid
  • age 2+

About Baby's Musical Hands

Baby's Musical Hands is a musical toy for babies and toddlers for Android tablets and phones. On tablets, it features 15 brightly colored squares that your baby can touch. Red squares make drum sounds, yellow squares play piano notes, and blue squares play guitar notes. On phones, there are 10 squares to touch. Yellow squares play piano notes, and blue squares play guitar notes. Every time your baby touches the screen, colorful stars will burst from their fingers. Watch them delight in the audio and visual feedback!

"Baby's Musical Hands Is a Magical App" - GeekDad - *

"Baby's Musical Hands is a great choice to increase the understanding of cause and effect in the youngest app users" - GiggleApps *

"...any kid would find the fun in this one" - TUAW *

As a game designer and developer, I love my tablet. But as a new father, I realized how much my son loves it too. I decided I could put my experience developing for mobile devices and tablets to use, and build an app for my son to play with. Baby's Musical Hands was born!

Baby's Musical Hands supports full multi-touch, meaning your baby gets the kind of feedback they expect when touching the screen.

I'd love to hear from you if your son or daughter loves Baby's Musical Hands as much as mine!

Owen Goss
Founder, Streaming Colour Studios

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Android, iPad, iPhone



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Streaming Colour Studios

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