Baby Panda World

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About Baby Panda World

Baby Panda World is a great game that offers a ton of variety. You can have fun running your own shop and interacting with adorable food, or even become an acclaimed fashion designer. Baby Panda World is available for free to download on iOS or Android devices.

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Baby Panda World Review

Baby Panda World is a collection of early childhood educational activities with various areas to explore, roles to play and adventures. Baby Panda World is very simple, making it perfect for little ones to easily understand and use the app. All the activities are completed using simple taps and swipes on the screen.

On the main menu you can see that Baby Panda World offers over a hundred games, although only two are unlocked. One of them offers a great experience with adorable desserts and the other lets you pretend to be an important fashion designer.

Baby Panda World is a great educational game that's perfect for little ones to enjoy. It includes tons of interactive games along with charming creatures that will instill important values while they have a blast. It is one of the popular Baby Bus Panda Games.

Baby Panda World allows children to explore, learn and be immersed in a range of activities or tasks that relate to situations that might be encountered in the real world. All the games are based around engaging animations of Baby Panda and friends. Players are given the opportunity to complete tasks in a highly visual and interactive way. There are clear verbal explanations of the task required at the beginning of each game. This emphasises listening skills and following instructions. 

Is Baby Panda World free?

Yes, Baby Panda World is free. The majority of games are free, however, a paid subscription is needed to unlock added features. Without a subscription, there are regular advertisements throughout the games and these are not always age appropriate.

Is Baby Panda World safe for kids?

There is advertising in this game, including:
  • After you download each game there is an advertisement.
  • During each game there were at least two advertisements.
  • Once each game was completed there was an advertisement.

There are many ads throughout playing this game. These ads were not age appropriate for children.

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Android, iPad, iPhone





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You can download Baby Panda World on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the Baby Panda World app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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