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Baby Mozart - Children Music

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About Baby Mozart - Children Music

‘Baby Mozart Children’s Music’ is a unique application that is guaranteed to help improve your babies sleep and help develop their brain by listening to music. The application is full of content and includes high quality popular classical music tracks, lullaby’s, audio flashcards, nursery rhymes and much more. The app is free from in-app adverts although there are in-app purchases that relate to other musical packages that you can purchase such as Popular Kids songs, Children’s Classic songs, Christmas Classics and more.

Teacher Review

Upon opening the application, the user is greeted by the home screen that displays the current playlists. These include ‘favourites’, ‘classical music’, ‘lullaby’, ‘children’s songs’, ‘instrumental songs’ and ‘Christmas songs’. There is a parental number locked menu in the top left that includes ‘freebies’ and how to contact the company. The menu system at the bottom displays other sound options that include ‘Funny sounds’, ‘Flash Cards’, White Noise’, and ‘Store’. The display is clear, clean and easy to navigate. It is noted that some spellings are in the American format.

Choosing the ‘Classical music’ option takes the user through to 19 classical tracks. These tracks can be saved as a ‘favourite’ for easy access later in the ‘favourites’ menu by pressing the star icon. It is noted that the tracks need to be downloaded so a Wi-Fi connection is required at this point. Once the track has been downloaded is appears to remain that way on the device. The classical music is high quality and varies in length. We love the animation that supports the music where small children would not only find the music soothing but also fun to look at.

The apps website gives further information on how music effects a young baby/child’s brain and why the ‘Mozart effect’ is important for their development. The website is clear to point out that although listening to classical music is not scientifically proven to help your baby become more intelligent or improve their sleep it will not hurt them and may give them an appreciation for art and music. We found this very useful and maybe the developers should consider placing this information within the application.

The music player displayed is in a similar format to that found on the iPhone’s music player therefore making it familiar to navigate. When pressing ‘back’ out of the player the play/pause button appears at the bottom of the display. However, we did notice that returning to the home screen this play/pause option disappeared until you navigated back into the music.

The ‘lullaby’ option includes 19 soothing lullabies. Once again these delightful tracks are accompanied by animations and graphics. We felt that many of these tracks could be used for children older than suggested by the application.

Further ‘Playlists’ include ‘Children’s Songs’ that include ‘The ABC song’, ‘Five Little ducks’, ‘I’m a little teapot’ and many more children’s classics. Once again these are accompanied by visuals and the ability to repeat the song over and over.

‘Instrumentals songs’ include ‘Old MacDonald had a farm, ‘London Bridge is falling down’, ‘Row Row Row your boat’ and many more. These tracks are ideal for parents wishing to sing along to or with their children.

The ‘Funny sounds’ option is excellent and can be found in the menu at the bottom of the home screen. We love the ability to edit the play format and children will have great fun playing these sounds over and over again. We hope the developers include more of these in future updates.

The ’Flash cards’ option includes several sets of visual flashcards that include letters, numbers, dinosaurs, colours, animals, emotions and Christmas.  These flash cards are viewed in portrait mode on the device and include pictures and sounds. It is noted that some sounds are in the American spelling format. The developers could consider the ability to create a ‘camera roll’ feature where parents can save family pictures to a set of flash cards that could be accompanied by classical music. Not only will the music stimulate their brains but also enable the child to recognise familiar members of their family.

The ‘White noise’ option provides the user with a series of white noises such as airplane cabin, clock, fan, vacuum cleaner and many others. These noises can be edited using the menu above where the user can set the duration, volume, listen mode sensitivity and track. This is ideal for parents wishing to leave their device in their baby’s rooms for a set period of time. Once again the website explains the importance of ‘white noise’ like womb sounds and a heart beating resulting in a calmer baby and better sleep. We would like to see this information including in the app for parents.

The ‘Store’ icon enables the user to make in-app purchases for other music collections. These include ‘Popular kid’s songs’, ‘Toddler favourites’, ‘Children’ classics’, ‘Christmas song’s, ‘Holiday hits’ and ‘Mozart’s best classical songs’. These songs are priced the same but vary in the number of tracks included.

There are numerous musical baby applications available and ‘Baby Mozart Children’s Music’ is certainly one of the best ones. The navigation of the application is simple and the content is vast for a free application which seems to be updated on a regular basis. This application comes highly recommended by The

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Does your baby wake up at night crying? 
Do you need a way to entertain your baby when they are cranky?
Having trouble finding good classical music or nursery rhymes for your baby?

‘Baby Mozart Children’s Music’ is a unique all-in-one app that is guaranteed to help improve your babies sleep and help develop their brain by listening to music. The app is full of content and includes high quality popular classical music tracks, lullaby’s, white noise, audio flashcards, nursery rhymes and much more. 

Main Features:

  • 22 baby-soothing White Noise sounds to put your baby to sleep in minutes
  • Put your phone on Listen Mode to turn on the White Noise as soon as your baby cries
  • More Than 150 Popular Classical Music for brain development from popular composers such as Beethoven, Mozart and Bach
  • 62 classic Nursery Rhymes such as Hush Little Baby, Bingo, Row Row Row Your Boat sung by the award-winning Nancy Stewart and other popular children singers 
  • 17 entertaining Funny Sounds to make them laugh
  • 30 high-quality Lullaby and Relaxation music
  • 10 different Nursery Rhyme Instrumental music
  • ABC, Numbers, Dinosaurs, Animals and Emotion Flashcards with Audio
  • Kids teaching Kids. Flashcards are professionally recorded by Adults and Kids
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