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Traveling with a baby? Is your baby feeling restless? Having difficulty sleeping your baby?

Baby Lullaby is a baby soother and sleep app. Now you can soothe baby with sweet music box lullabies, soft soundscapes, or even your own recorded voice while offering a calming animated dream show. Just like a real pullstring toy, slide down on the virtual pullstring to start a musical lullaby show.

• 24 adorable pullstring toy characters
• 11 classic music box melodies including Brahms Lullaby, Rock-a-Bye Baby, and more!
• 3 baby-friendly soundscapes featuring various soothing nature sounds
• Record own lullaby sung in own voice and use it in looping playback
• 5 color choices for wallpaper to match baby’s room or mood
• Dream show wheel with animated fairy stars, snow, or bubbles
• Entertain baby by tapping on toy. Hear infectiously cute chuckle from toy and see lovely hearts being sent out
• Built-in baby rattle! Just jiggle device!
• Configurable sleep timer (5-30 minutes). Music fades out* when it’s time to stop
• Option to play in-app music using background audio player. Now mommy or daddy can switch to browsing the web or checking inbox while keeping baby tuned in to background music!
• While in background audio player mode, music sleep timer even works when Baby Lullaby is not in the foreground. (Limitation applies.**)

* Certain Windows Phone devices may not support in-app volume fade out due to limitations in the audio subsystem.

** When Baby Lullaby is not in the foreground, there will be no volume fade out and music may stop slightly beyond the set timer duration.

Version 1.2: 
- Added ability to switch to background audio player mode (and vice versa) without having to restart actively playing music
- Fixed crash issue on music preview

Version 1.1: 
- Stability enhancements

Note: Free trial version is not time-limited. Paid version removes all ads and limits.
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Jason Ong

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