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About Baby Joy Joy: Tracing Letters

Baby Joy Joy Tracing Letters is an app aimed at young children encouraging them to learn their alphabet and how to begin to create letters. This is achieved through copying the app and embedded via repetition as the user works their way through the app and each letter of the alphabet.

The app introduces young children, who will be new to the alphabet and letter formation, to the very beginning stages of learning how to read and write. These first steps into the English language are vitally important as they are the foundation needed to be able to progress through the stages of learning to read and write. The app guides the child through this process, making it a colourful and enjoyable one.

Baby Joy Joy: Tracing Letters Review

What is Baby Joy Joy: Tracing Letters?

Through the interactive elements of the app children are introduced to the English language through learning about the letters that make up the alphabet. In the app the user is guided through each letter, learning what the letter is, as the app reads it out, and how it sounds, as well as linking it to familiar words that it begins with. This, however, is all happening in the background as the main focus is on the child following the instructions and learning how to make their marks on the page and following the explanations of each letter formation.

Is Baby Joy Joy Tracing Letters easy to use?

I would definitely say that this app was incredibly easy to use. Although the main user is going to be a young child they will need to be guided by an adult, who will do most of the clicking throughout the app. However, when it comes to the child using the app they will have no trouble. In fact, depending on the age of the child they may indeed be able to access this app with little assistance from an adult. While the very best letter tracing apps are engaging and enjoyable, this app would be ideal to the list.

What we love about the Baby Joy Joy Tracing Letters

There isn’t much to not like about this app to be fair. The colours and sounds are all incredibly inclusive and by means do they distract from the learning in the slightest. I like how the developers have focused on the app being about learning how to write the letters of the alphabet but at the same time there is a lot of hidden learning going on as children are introduced to the letter names and to words and pictures that are related to the letters. All of this is vital to the foundation of learning however the user is not necessarily aware that this is happening, making it even more effective! There is the additional bonus of there also being a matching game that users can play on too. This really adds value to the app and could easily be used to allow the child a short fun break from the main learning in the app, although of course learning is still happening in this game too! It’s little touches like this that the developers have thought through that really makes a difference.

What could Baby Joy Joy Tracing Letters improve on? 

One thing I think I would have like to have seen in the matching game is for the picture to have read out the name of it when it’s clicked on. This would allow for the app to be a little differentiated for different users and would mean that if a child needed a little extra hand, by clicking on and hearing the word read out they would be guided to be able to make the decision and so this would help to compound this learning. Although these are more like ‘even better if’ ideas rather than because anything is wrong with the app I would also say that it would be nice for the child and the parent to see the progress that a child has made. Whether this is through some type of reward page to keep encourage usage or another way I don’t think it would matter too much but being able to see how well they have done is a real spur to a child to continue using the app and learning through it.

What skills does Baby Joy Joy Tracing Letters improve? 

Baby Joy Joy Tracing Letters helps children to develop their reading and listening skills as well as their ability to begin the art of learning to read and write by being introduced to letters and their sounds. 

What age is it Baby Joy Joy Tracing Letters appropriate for? 

Baby Joy Joy Tracing Letters can be used by children are just beginning to understand letters and sounds. There is some requirement on the child being able to use the app to move things on the screen however, younger children could have a parent aid them with this. I would suggest though that ages 3+ would benefit from accessing the app.

How will students benefit?

Children will enjoy using the app to follow the arrows and create marks on the page that turn into sounds and pictures. They will enjoy learning independently of their parent but also with a parent's support if it is needed.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers will be able to ask parents to use this app at home to help compound children's classroom learning on sounds and letter formations

How will parents benefit?

Parents will benefit from using the app as it will help their child to begin to understand how letters are formed, their sounds and how they link to words.

How much does Baby Joy Joy Tracing Letters cost? 

Baby Joy Joy Tracing Letters is free to download and there is content available without charge. However to access all letters and remove all ads it is £7.99 and to access all letters it is £2.99.

Is Baby Joy Joy Tracing Letters safe to use 

Baby Joy Joy Tracing Letters is completely child friendly and contains no content that I would consider inappropriate or unsafe.

Overall rating

Baby Joy Joy is already a popular brand with it's own YouTube channel and other apps so if your child already enjoys playing on these then there is no reason why they won't love this app too. Parents will enjoy the ease and simplicity and how well it can help children begin to develop their understanding of letters and sounds in a fun and interactive way. For this reason Baby Joy Joy Tracing Letters has received a 5-star review.

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