Baby Joy Joy Pet Farm

Run your own farm with Joy Joy

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About Baby Joy Joy Pet Farm

This Baby Joy Joy Pet Farm review describes the experiences children can share with the popular YouTube and app character, Baby Joy Joy. Within this app, children learn about plants, animals, and farm jobs including working in the farm shop.

Baby Joy Joy Pet Farm will be enjoyed by kids aged 4+ and is available on Android and iOS. It is available as a cut-down trial version for free that does not contain advertisements. An in-app purchase unlocks the app's full content.

Baby Joy Joy Pet Farm Review

What is Baby Joy Joy Pet Farm app?

Baby Joy Joy Pet Farm is an app that creates a pretend-play area set around the popular Baby Joy Joy character. In this particular app (the title character appears in others), children explore a farm and move and use items as they grow and care for the plants and animals on the farm. They also get the chance to play with numbers as they run the farm shop and serve customers.

What we love about Baby Joy Joy Pet Farm

If you've come to this Baby Joy Joy Pet Farm app review because your child has enjoyed previous Baby Joy Joy games, you'll be pleased to know that it keeps the look and feel of its predecessors. It is colourful, vivid and very cute.

Sound is similarly good with music and sound effects that perfectly match the experience. A softly-spoken voiceover explains tasks to children and adds a little bit of educational explanation of how to take care of plants and animals.

Like all of the Baby Joy Joy apps, this one leaves children free to explore and experiment with the objects, characters, and locations in the app. There is no danger or stress on Baby Joy Joy's Pet Farm.

Children can play this app alone or enjoy it with a parent. Either way, children can use their imagination and inquisitiveness to create their own play experience.

What skills does it improve?

Baby Joy Joy Pet Farm app is a general learning app. Using it, children learn through pretend play guided by the app's farm-based tasks. Children will expand their vocabulary, especially regarding plants and animals. They learn about the needs that animals and plants have and how they are cared for. In the farm shop part of the app, they will do some counting, ordering and more.

The tasks and their learning potential are well matched to pre-school children and those who have just started school.

What age is it appropriate for?

Baby Joy Joy Pet Farm is rated for children 4+. Any child who can understand how to interact with a touch-screen device can enjoy playing this app.

Is Baby Joy Joy Pet Farm easy to use?

Part of the fun of this app for children is discovering what they can do in the app and where they can go. It is very easy to do so as interactive items are usually clear and spoken explanations help guide the player.

How will students benefit?

Children will enjoy having a game that is playable independently but also one that they can play with a parent whose supportive input can change the experience.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers can make use of the free-form activities in this app to create learning experiences to help children in specific ways. The app can be used as a focus that teachers can use to set tasks to help with practising speech, counting, and various other skills.

How will parents benefit?

Sitting with their children as they explore Baby Joy Joy's world lets parents share in their child's play. Parents can ask questions, add humour, and converse with their son or daughter as they travel through Baby Joy Joy's Pet Farm.

The protected parental area of the app has the means for parents to see if their child is using the app and what tasks they are completing the most within it.

What Baby Joy Joy Pet Farm can improve on?

For the most part, Baby Joy Joy Pet Farm is easy to use, looks good and is fun for children to play. One of the few sticking points is that objects can sometimes be 'lost'.

Animal food objects, for example, can be put down in the environment and end up behind other bits of scenery making them hard to find. It would be nice for these items to always be in front or, at least, show an outline if they are behind others.

A few more spoken words would also be useful. In the shop, each food item is spoken aloud but the sign displaying which group of food it belongs to is written only. It feels like the sign should be tappable to hear what it says.

How much does Baby Joy Joy Pet Farm cost?

Baby Joy Joy Pet Farm is available in limited form to download for free. It does not contain advertisements which is a refreshing change for trial versions that contain a substantial amount of content as this one does.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

In-app purchases are protected within a parental area in the app. These unlock the app to include all of the areas and the different items within them. The free version is fun to play but children will get the most fun and learning from the app if it is fully unlocked.

Is Baby Joy Joy Pet Farm safe to use

Baby Joy Joy Pet Farm's content is completely child-friendly and contains no content that could be considered inappropriate or unsafe for children.

Overall rating of the app

If your child is a fan of the other Baby Joy Joy games or the Baby Joy Joy YouTube channel, they'll love this app. Even if they've yet to form a bond with the central character they may still love this app and it will form an introduction to the cosy world Baby Joy Joy and friends enjoy. This Baby Joy Joy Pet Farm app review awards it 5-stars for providing a varied, child-friendly experience that encourages kids to learn in a natural and playful way.

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