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About Baby Joy Joy ABC game for kids

Join the star of the Baby Joy Joy YouTube channel on an arcade-style adventure to learn about numbers and letters.  With forgiving gameplay designed for young children, it is good fun and introduces the names of letters and numbers to young learners.

Baby Joy Joy ABC game for kids Review

You and your child may already know Baby Joy Joy from the popular YouTube channel.  In this channel, Baby Joy Joy sings to and entertains young children.  Some of the videos are purely for fun and some offer more pronounced educational benefits.  This app picks up on the latter and harnesses the channel's baby star to familiarise young children with letters and numbers.

The two variations of game built into this app clearly take 'infinite-runner' style games as their inspiration but with a thought to making them accessible to young children.  In this style of game and this app, players run from left to right collecting items and jumping obstacles.

Where Baby Joy Joy's gameplay varies is that it does not punish children for mistakes.  In fact, there are no mistakes to be made.  Mistimed jumps do not lead the player to their doom and missed objects do not make levels impossible to complete.  

Children still have control.  In one style of game, tapping and double-tapping at the right time prevent Baby Joy Joy from being held up by obstacles.  In the other style of game, which is set underwater, a tap floats the player a little closer to the surface to avoid obstacles and time brings the player back down.  Having the two styles adds a bit of much-needed variety to the app and encourages children to think about what they are doing.

There are other aspects of this app that make it feel like the games from which it is taking inspiration. The player can collect a creature, themed to match the level, on which to ride at a greater pace.  Bonus items are also available to collect and children can choose a different character to run through the levels.

These game-like features, combined with varied graphics that would not be out of place in a purely entertainment-based game, do a good job of making children feel like they are playing games like those of their parents or older siblings - albeit without the frustrations of lives to be lost and time limits.  Young children enjoy feeling like they are doing the same as these people in their lives so harnessing this for education is a good idea.

The educational aspects of this game are learning the names of letters and numbers.  The 26 levels that cover the letters each focus on a single letter.  As the player collects each item, the letter name and a word that begins with it is spoken.  Together the appearance of the letter on the screen, its name, and its use in a word familiarise children.  The repetition secures the knowledge and reminds children.

It has to be admitted that this learning content is not particularly deep nor varied but it is fun and does have value.  Children will, through the repetition, learn to match letters and numbers to their names.  It would have been nice to see some extra variety such as matching more than one word with each letter.

This is a fun app and is especially relevant if your child is already a fan of Baby Joy Joy's videos on YouTube.  By bringing together a character children are interested in, an activity that feels like a game, and some useful learning opportunities, this app will be enjoyed by young children.  The letter part of this app is available for free while the numbers are unlocked through an in-app purchase.   This is a very generous offer and by giving so much away for free, it lifts this app to 5 stars.  There is absolutely no risk in getting the free version of this app for your child and seeing how they like it.

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  • Baby Joy Joy ABC game for kidsBaby Joy Joy ABC game for kidsBaby Joy Joy ABC game for kidsBaby Joy Joy ABC game for kidsBaby Joy Joy ABC game for kidsBaby Joy Joy ABC game for kidsBaby Joy Joy ABC game for kidsBaby Joy Joy ABC game for kidsBaby Joy Joy ABC game for kidsBaby Joy Joy ABC game for kids


Need a fun, free and easy educational app to help your toddler learn phonics, letters, numbers and the alphabet? Look no further than Joy Joy ABC Baby Game for kids.

Joy Joy ABC Baby Game for kids is a free game to learn phonics, numbers and the alphabet. This teaching app will make all children love learning, from toddlers to preschoolers or kindergartners. Every kid will love this game!

Featuring a series of games to help kids recognize letters, associate them with phonic sounds, play with the alphabet letters and numbers. Learning English and the English alphabet is now easy for any toddler, kindergartener or preschool age child. Math will be second nature to your toddler or preschooler with this easy learning numbers game.

Features of Joy Joy ABC

- Joy Joy ABC 123 games that make learning fun;
- Includes ABC games to teach the phonics, letters and the alphabet.
- Spelling Games that are fun and educational
- With 1234 math games to learn the numbers for toddlers, kindergartners and preschoolers.
- Easy interface makes it easy to learn phonics, letters and numbers.
- Educational, fun and colorful.

Note to Parents:

When we created Joy Joy we wanted to build a safe haven for children to have the best learning experience. We are parents ourselves and creating ABC, Phonics, Numbers and Alphabet games we want children to learn by playing Joy Joy games without intrusive third-party advertisements that can distract the children. With Joy Joy apps we built a friendly in app purchase wall that is not intrusive and allows for a lot of free learning games. If you want to support Joy Joy we are always glad when you became a part of the Joy Joy family and buy an in app purchase helping us build more games with save environments and learning experiences for children.

Joy Joy has more than 1 Million Subscribers on Youtube.