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About Baby Feed Timer

Baby Feed Timer is designed for breastfeeding women who wish to keep track of when and how long their babies feed, with a handy reminder for when the next meal is due. It even instructs you on how, to begin with! The app costs $1.49 for users. It is ideal if you are trying to keep track of the time baby feeds on scrap paper while breastfeeding or bottle feeding. Breastfeeds, bottle feeds, breast pumps, nappies, sleep, solid meals, weight, length, notes, and reminders are all tracked. Data can even be synchronised between Android and iOS devices. Easy-to-read charts with analysed data and a timeline view to spot growing trends, such as infant nursing at the same time every day. This also aids in identifying days when the infant is acting unusually, such as having more dirty nappies than usual. 

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