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About Baby Einstein: Storytime

Baby Einstein: Storytime is a collection of animated and narrated stories accompanied by child-friendly versions of classical music pieces. As soon as kids are able to use a mobile device, Baby Einstein: Storytime is suitable for them, but it will also make a great parent/child shared reading experience.

The app is free to download on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire and comes with one complete story—more are available as in-app purchases.

Baby Einstein: Storytime Review

What is Baby Einstein: Storytime app?

If you're the parent of a young child, you may already be familiar with the Baby Einstein brand. Videos, books, music and more come under the popular Baby Einstein umbrella.

The colourful and friendly characters within the world of Baby Einstein exist alongside a soundtrack of reorchestrated classical music. Famous compositions by renowned composers like Bach, Beethoven and Mozart will be recognisable to adults but appealing to young children in their new form.

In this app, kids engage with early learning concepts and enjoyable stories that tie in with the Baby Einstein look and feel.

What we love about Baby Einstein: Storytime app.

Baby Einstein app uses its source material well. It is recognisable to those who already love the Baby Einstein approach and still endearing to those who are new to it.

The app looks great with colourful and clear graphics that are animated at the tap of a young finger. The famous compositions used in the app sound great and introduce kids to famous works produced in a style that fits well well with an app aimed at young children.

Having a simple scene-building activity accompany each story works well. Its free-form approach would reward parents who want to help children talk about the events in the story and so build their comprehension skills.

What skills does it improve?

The different stories in the app focus on various topics that young kids are beginning to learn. Counting, seasons, art, animals and more help kids grow their vocabularies and lay the foundations for future learning.

What age is it appropriate for?

The app is aimed at babies and toddlers. As soon as your child can interact with a screen, they will be able to enjoy what Baby Einstein app has to offer.

Is Baby Einstein: Storytime app easy to use?

The app is as simple to use as it could possibly be. Selecting the stories is easy and interacting with them follows a consistent pattern. Kids see a highlighted touch point on the screen and, when they tap it, the appropriate animation begins. Kids won't be frustrated trying to find where to tap. Should there be any problems with screen interaction, there is also the option to have each animation play automatically as the narrator reads the story.

Even when kids have the app read to them, they can still see the link between the text and what is spoken as the words change colour when the narrator reads them. The difference is high contrast, so still accessible to kids with colour vision difficulties.

How will students benefit?

Baby Einstein is entertaining and lets kids enjoy stories even when there are no adults to join them. The stories have a read-to-me function which reads the stories in a natural and expressive voice.

Each story also has a Create option. If kids choose to activate this, they can create a scene using characters, backgrounds, and items from the stories. They can also switch between the different pieces of music. Having this extra level of interactivity will encourage kids to keep returning to the app and remind them of what they learned in the stories.

How will parents benefit?

You should view Baby Einstein app as an enhanced collection of storybooks. You can share them with your kids as you would any other book by reading to your kids. This support will help them build a love of reading, grow their vocabulary, and lead them through the first steps of developing their literacy.

What can Baby Einstein: Storytime app improve on?

As the app already has a parental lock for its Other Apps page, placing the settings behind it would help give parents more control. For example, parents might not want kids to turn the music back on in some situations. At the moment, the settings are unprotected.

The stories download to the app when they are first accessed. A single-tap option that lets parents download everything in advance could avoid disappointment should an internet connection not be available.

How much does Baby Einstein: Storytime app cost?

When you download Baby Einstein app for free, you get a single story. This story is the full thing and representative of the experience you get with the other stories available.

If your child enjoys the included story, you can get more through in-app purchases. Each story is available at a low price, but you can buy them all at a reduced rate if you choose to get them in one go.

Is Baby Einstein: Storytime app safe to use?

The developer of Baby Einstein has produced many apps, and you can browse them within this app. They are behind a parental lock which requires that you enter your birth year. This is not the most robust parental lock available, but considering the age of the app's intended users and the content it protects, this is not a problem.

There are no advertisements in the app, even if you only have the free app and story.

Overall rating of the app.

Baby Einstein is a superbly made storybook app for early learners. The stories are simple and accessible for the very young, and they offer variations in theme and topic.

Whether you want stories to read with your child or for them to use independently, Baby Einstein app is ideal. As you can download the app and one story for free, you should get it straight away and try it out for yourself.

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