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Aweditorium reimagines what a music experience feels like on iPad. It takes all of the disparate content surrounding an artist -- beautiful photography, lyrics, high definition video, interviews -- and ties it all together into a fun, intimate experience on a multi-touch display.

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"This one is a winner and I hope to see more. I call it the Flipboard of music, but that’s really unfair. Flipboard is the Aweditorium of social news."
- Robert Scoble

"An incredibly beautiful app for finding new music with a wealth of content."
- Gizmodo

"Aweditorium tops iPad Apps of the Week. This app showcases the capabilities of the iPad in stunning fashion."
- Appolicious

"Why does this matter? Because Aweditorium does something quite profound: it restores the tactile, visual element that disappeared from music with the advent of the mp3. In the same way that crate-diggers once thrilled at the look-and-feel of a well-designed gatefold sleeve, Aweditorium makes music an immersive, strokeable thing once more."
- The Telegraph

"Aweditorium’s gorgeous interface is addictive. Pop on some headphones, sit back and you’ll find yourself flicking around the grid, surfing from act to act, immersed in a world of music discovery."
- The Next Web

"When it comes to immersing yourself more deeply in music, Aweditorium lives up to its name."
- Eliot Van Buskirk

"After two hours using the iPad app I’ve already discovered more new music than in the last two weeks reading NME or Pitchfork … As of right now, Aweditorium is just the music app you have to download."
- MacStories

"That ambition is reflected in the app’s name — the desire to bring the awe and majesty of album art back to music."
- Mashable

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