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About AutiSpark - Kids Autism Games

AutiSpark is an application especially designed for children on Autism Spectrum. The app contains a wide array of games for the development of educational and life skills. AutiSpark is available for free to download on iOS and Android devices. The developers allow a 14 day trial period with an annual subscription of $59.99/£45.

With the existing content and additional features in the pipeline, AutiSpark offers excellent value for money. The premise of AutiSpark is it to teach children basic learning concepts and daily living skills. The design is warm and friendly and easily gains the attention of the child using the app. Set up is straightforward and requires very little information to get started. 

AutiSpark - Kids Autism Games Review

AutiSpark is an educational program especially made for children with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC). AutiSpark offers a multitude of well-researched, engaging, and interactive learning games. Kids can learn to associate objects via their pictures, understand emotions, do sorting, recognize sounds and words, and do much more.

  • Suitable for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
  • Specially designed educational games and activities.
  • Engaging content to ensure the child's focus and attention.
  • Develop basic visual, communication, and language skills.

I particularly enjoyed trialling and reviewing AutiSpark with my class and would definitely recommend this app for teachers and parents alike. AutiSpark is an application designed for children on the autism spectrum who will be drawn to the  visually friendly animations and interactivity. Visually, the app is designed for younger children although it can be motivating for older children on the autism spectrum.  

How can teachers and parents benefit from AutiSpark?

AutiSpark is really useful as a baselining tool to show you where a child is with their understanding of basic learning and living skills concepts. This allows the teachers or parents to plan next steps in the development of these concepts to include more tangible activities.  

How will the students benefit from AutiSpark?

The games are engaging, fun and motivating with 16 topic areas that include a number of games and activities to keep your child interested. A variety of educational games are available covering communication, language and mathematical development. A ‘Wh’ game uses ‘Blanks level of questioning’ Level 1 to develop comprehension and understanding. The Daily Activities section is fantastic and is great for developing joint attention skills.  The developer of Autispark clearly want to develop this app further with a number of new games and topics in the pipeline. Parents can also use AutiSpark at home to consolidate school and therapeutic learning concepts.

What I really like about AutiSpark, is the clear understanding of concepts that young children on the spectrum find difficult. The majority of these concepts are covered and AutiSpark can be also used by Speech & Language therapists and Occupational Therapists. The Social Video feature draws upon a good evidence base in Social Stories developed by Carol Gray allowing parents/teachers to prepare their child for an upcoming event, trip or a situation that causes anxiety for the young person. I look forward to additional videos in the future.

The user experience is fantastic, pages are not overly busy and the sound quality is good with the internal voice coach motivating and friendly. The interactivity of games is super responsive and loading time is fast. This performance continues when you connect the tablet to an interactive whiteboard with graphic quality maintained.

What can developers improve on?

The developers of AutiSpark have also added a nice in-app suggestion feature that allow for feedback. I suggested that it may be beneficial to allow for the music to be turned off in the Social video section as some children may find this distracting. I did try to do this in the settings but when I went back to the Social Video feature, the music came back on. AutiSpark does not allow for personalisation in terms of tracking progress for a child or a group of children-particularly useful for a SEN educator.

Allowing the child to visually see their own progress with tokens or stickers could also be a welcome bonus and provide additional motivation. However, these suggestions do not take away from the user experience overall and AutiSpark is an excellent app that sticks to its core purpose of teaching basic concepts to children with autism.  The app can also be used with all children and fits nicely within the Early Years Foundation Stage in the UK. 

The developers of AutiSpark should be applauded for creating a fun and engaging app that will help to support the development of a wide variety of educational and life skills. From a safeguarding perspective, there were no concerns. AutiSpark should be part of all SEN teacher’s library. I will look forward to additional content that is coming soon. AutiSpark certainly deserves the allocated 5 star rating. Well done!

AutiSpark is a wonderful app that has really supported my child’s development. 

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