Autism Tracker Pro: Track, analyze and share ASD daily

Category: Special Education

Ages: 18+ 7-11 11-14
Price: iPhone/iPad - Paid
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From the Developer

Autism Tracker can be life changing for families with an autistic child. Explore Autism. Track what matters to your child and your family. Use the visual calendar and multi-item graphs to view and discuss patterns. Share individual events or entire screens with your team using iCloud, Dropbox, email or Twitter (Twitter lets you set up closed groups). Now, track several persons on one device. Daily Reminders.

Before you buy, please try the Lite version of Autism Tracker first. It has the same functionality as the Pro version. The number entries per item is limited to twelve in the Lite version. All data and set up can be transferred to Autism Tracker Pro.

Autism Tracker is an educational app that helps families explore Autism. Each of its screens represents a different domain of Autism. Several screens are already set up to get you started:

➤ Happiness, ➤ Stress, ➤ Activity Level, ➤ Hyperactivity, ➤ Weather

➤ Bolting, ➤ Self-injurious, ➤ Property Destruction, ➤ Tantrum

➤ Casein, ➤ Lactose, ➤ Gluten, ➤ Colorants, ➤ Caffeine

➤ Sleep, ➤ Bowel Movements, ➤ BM Texture

➤ show and compare all items at a glance

Key features
✓ One tap Yes / No items
✓ Customizable visual scales
✓ Use your own images and labels
✓ Note item with photos
✓ Powerful analytical package
✓ Daily, weekly, monthly graphs
✓ Compare multiple graphs at a glance
✓ Average, Min, Max, Last statistics
✓ Bar, line, icon, an trend graphs
✓ Visual calendar calculates icons for each day
✓ Tweet entries, notes and icons with one tap
✓ Export lists of entries for detailed review
✓ Export tables for daily, weekly, or monthly graphs
✓ Export backups for safe keeping or sharing
✓ Color Themes: Silver, Classic, Zen, Pink
✓ Color Themes: Summer Day, Energy
✓ Toggle between dark and light graph background

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